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intoxicating Meanjin/Brisbane producer Joshua Amour

When your new single has already received a blessing from The Holy Madonna, you know you’re onto a winner. Joshua Amour released ‘Do Ya Love’ today, an ode to the relentless energy of the British garage.

The Meanjin/Brisbane-based producer and DJ, whose partner just happens to be acclaimed multi-hyphenate producer dameeeela, doesn’t miss his new track. With icy vocal samples and erratic beats, it’s a reminder of just how thrilling the heyday of British garage was.

The explosive energy of UKG, it is clear, will never cease to influence the contemporary cultures of producers. “Do Ya Love” indeed.

“Honestly, I love this track,” says Joshua. “That bass line, the vocal hash, the drums, it’s all classic UKG I think. Sounds like something Sunship or MJ Cole would do, it’s super bouncy! I’m pretty proud of this one.

It’s been a busy time recently for Joshua: just two singles in his burgeoning career – ‘Do Ya Love’ is the diverse-sounding sequel to ‘Don’t Let Go’ – he has already received backing from BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC 6 Music. And with his recent signing to Astral People Recordings, everything is set for Joshua and Dameeela to become the new power couple in Australian electronic music.

If you’d rather boogie the producer’s tracks than listen to them at home, he’ll play Someday Soon in Sydney on Saturday October 15, alongside Methyl Ethel, Ruby Fields, Middle Kids and Winston Surfshirt (more info here).

To celebrate the release of his new single, we caught up with Joshua as part of our Get To Know series to find out more about his life and music.

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by Joshua Love ‘Do you like’ is now available through Astral People Recordings/PIAS.

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How was your artist name born?

I went back and forth with a bunch of different names at first. I changed my style and felt I had to create a name that resonated with my music but I could never find anything that stuck. Joshua Love was the name I always came back to after my deviations. Now I try to build the music and make it a special name!

How would you describe your music to your grandmother?

It’s dance music but electronic. Lots of beeps and boops hahaha. She would still be happy for me.

Tell us about some of your tracks; their titles and what they are about?

I’m pretty bad at naming my tracks, they just seem to come together from the voices I hear in the songs. They are quite simple, I think I take more inspiration from XXYYXX than I think.

What do you like in your hometown?

Certainly the people. I have always received a lot of love from people around me! I still have to mention Meanjin/Brisbane! I moved here in early 2020 but got so much attention and welcome from so many people. Places like Quivr, Warehouse 25, FemFale, The End Bar and the people around me are so special.

Career highlight so far?

I was recently sent to Tasmania for a show which was insane! Getting these flights, housing and being driven to where I was playing was surreal, I was like ‘someone really takes me seriously, that’s crazy.’

Favorite pastime outside of music?

I love climbing trees right now. A bit of a rogue response, but it gives you such a dopamine rush and the benefits that come with it seep into your daily life.

What’s on your dream rider?

I try to be more grateful for what I have so I want to keep it simple: coconut water, 2x bananas and an apple. Good hydration and healthy sugars for energy so I don’t crave shit after playing haha.

A dream musical collaboration?

Too much. I jump from one idea to another so often that they are constantly moving and changing. I really like Jamie XX right now!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope I still make music. Until then, I want to have my own space out of town where my family and I can live a little slower and enjoy the present more! I want to build stuff, cook a lot, maybe work on a car, tend to a garden, real adult shit.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

We can’t affect everything, we can only affect the things that are within our control. Once you know you can let go of the mental space that occupies you and focus on what you really want from your world.

What is your obsession that no one would guess after listening to your music?

I’m a huge fan of Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco’s first record is untouchable!

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