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Interview: Skeng, Jahshii Producer John Coop Works For Grammy Win

John Coop has yet to reach the two-year milestone as a Dancehall producer, but despite that, he’s confident of his goals, including multiple Grammys, Billboard plaques, and reaching the famed manager’s level of success. of the disc, DJ Khaled.

But who is John Coop? Well, if you’re a fan of Skeng and Jahshii, chances are you’re a fan of John Coop, CEO of John Coop Records. The 20-year-old is the man responsible for some of Jamaica’s biggest breakthrough hits during the pandemic, including Jahshii’s Continue and that of Skeng Brrrp.

Born Malik Miller, he first entered the recording studio with his father Creig Miller (reggae singer Ginger’s road manager) when he was 10 years old. From then on, the Spanish Town Primary alumnus was sure that music would be his main focus in life. These workshop visits continued throughout primary and secondary school.

“I decided to make music because I love listening to music since elementary school. I left high school about three years ago and then recorded Skeng, which happened to be the track Duppy Dem,” he said Dancehall Mag.


Like most Jamaican kids, Malik, who is an Eltham High alumnus, listened to Dancehall music before he even understood the raunchy and aggressive nature of the lyrics. “Dancehall music was what I listened to the most growing up, Bounty Killer was my artist since deh time.”

On December 19, 2020, when Skeng’s Brrrp was posted on YouTube, Coop said he knew there was no turning back. “After Brrrp came out, I heard it everywhere I went, the radios and everywhere picked it up. That’s when I developed a different love for music, now I create my own beats and release hit after hit in the Dancehall industry,” he said. “I composed the rhythm of Jahshii’s song The best of the best,he added. This track was produced by Active Music.

The success of Brrrp and Continue unlocked a new level of ambition in Malik. “I want to have thousands of plates and be a Grammy-winning producer, I want success at the level of DJ Khaled at 25, and I want to do a production collaboration with him,” he said.

Out of step with the criticism of Trap sounds currently saturating Dancehall, the producer is unwavering in the work he puts in every time he dedicates his time to the studio.

“I’m doing pretty well right now, also working on my reggae album from my label, and also juggling Fanton Mojah, I’m still into good music,” he said. DancehallMag, while remaining tight-lipped about who else will be included in the project. “I’m not going to list everyone on it, just stay tuned to John Coop Records.”

As Skeng’s personal producer, John Coop, who acquired the nickname from a friend but has no idea how he came up with the name, travels everywhere with the deejay and enjoys his music success, so that Dancehall is evolving into a fused sound that Gen Z is addicted to.

“I knew Skeng since he came to Spanish Town, before we made music, we were friends. Then we decided that music would be our path, so we started in the industry at the same time”, he revealed.

“Shacko DiTruth, who did the beat for Duppy Dem and produce the songs Cred Street, Ypree, and Celestial Passport; it was he with Budda who introduced me to Skeng. Budda is currently Skeng’s road manager and second producer at Di Truth Records, we all started making music at the same time.

John Coop’s international pursuits don’t stop at the Grammys or DJ Khaled, as he’s also expressed a desire to work with American rapper Rod Wave, who is hailed as the pioneer of Soul Trap.

On his process, he said it allows artists to vadapt to the rhythm and gives them the freedom to express themselves. His latest production of Skeng on the track rain like hail.