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I took Patoranking out of the slum not Timaya

Animation of Monday, January 3, 2022


Timaya reveals how he helped Patoranking

Music producer K-Solo set the record straight by saying that he got Patoranking out of the slum and not Timaya.

Patoranking at his concert had brought Timaya on stage to sing his praises, claiming the older singer had pulled him out of the slum.

K-Solo apparently took offense at this and then called him up on social media.

Speaking to Sunday Scoop, K-Sole explained why he named the singer and how Timaya, whom Pato now sings his praises, was even his own boy at the time.

“Oddly enough, a lot of his actions were in my black book, but I saw him as a young man trying to make ends meet. Some of us have led the way and given you a voice. You also have to give back value. Value isn’t even about money, it’s recognition. Going on stage that day and saying that Timaya brought him out of the slum was funny because it is. I, who got him out of the slum, helped him start his musical career.

“He met Timaya in my studio and Timaya was actually my boy at the time. Going on stage and portraying ‘crocodile’ emotions was so wrong to me. The reason I called him was so much. that he wanted Timaya on that stage, he also didn’t have a good time with Timaya until that day. You don’t have to see the people who feed one at the moment as a whole. You don’t throw away not the people who paved the way for you as well. You shouldn’t despise this little start. I have no other intention or reason for calling it. Some people said I was jealous, while others said I wanted to bring him down. I believed in him before anyone else. All I want for him is progress. I only warned him. “