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I don’t mix business with pleasure – Music producer D’Mario Legend his journey to the top |

To date, Uganda is now ranked number three in Africa when it comes to music and entertainment. Undoubtedly, Ugandan musicians are so talented. But there are some of the unsung heroes who make Ugandan music go so far. The producers. These guys do the heavy lifting.

Today we introduce to you one of the best music producers in Uganda. Legend of Mario. This boy is good. Within a few years he produced songs like Gimpe by Lydia Jazmine, Jealousy for Sheeba Karungi, Muyayu for Mudra, Ainama by Nina Roz, Yaka I co-produced with Artin and Andre.

We spoke to him and shared his success story

Where does the love of production come from?

It goes way back, even when I was in elementary school. I learned production when I was young. I have always created time for the studio. During the holidays, I would go to the studio and practice.

How long have you been in the industry?

Professionally, I have been in the industry for 5 years now. I started well in 2017. I was with Dr. Fizzy at Harvey Records. He taught me how to produce good music. In 2018, I worked with Maro at Volume up as a producer. Later I started my own production of studio legends.

Is music production your full-time job?

Yes. It’s my full-time job. Music is what I like.

So far, what has been your major project that you have worked on that has been successful.

Oh. Okay, I have a few projects that I consider successful. I produced Gimpe by Lydia Jazmine, Jealousy for Sheeba Karungi, Muyayu for Mudra, Ainama by Nina Roz, Yaka which I co-produced with Artin and Andre. I got a lot of songs that I really produced

You have worked with many singers, who is the best you have worked with?

I have worked with many artists but my best is Mudra. He works so hard and he’s a real friend and we’ve been together for a long time.

Tell us about the art of music production

It’s just wanting to know more. Make an atmosphere expressing the feelings in its own way. It is the art of music.

How do you manage competition in the sector?

I only manage the competition by doing my best. Create new sounds and try lots of things. I am totally different. The reason I can’t compete with anyone.

It is widely accepted by producers and girls that you two are inseparable, how many girlfriends do you have?

Hahahah. It’s a good question. But all I can say is that I take care of the girls professionally. I have never mixed business with pleasure. I don’t have a girlfriend but I’m professional.

How do you deal with Kla girls throwing themselves at you?

Well, Kampala girls are tricky. I give them a good vibe. I don’t give them personal time. I give it to the studio.

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