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Hybrid Theater Company Thirdwing to Air Walt Disney-Inspired Disney Girls Series


Hybrid Theater Company Thirdwing to Air Walt Disney-Inspired Series Disney girls

The streaming series is an adaptation of the play The fairest.

Kelley Lord and Taylor Cozort in Disney girls
Third wing

Hybrid theater company Thirdwing will present Disney Girls through their streaming platform. The series is a streaming adaptation of the play The most beautiful-presented by the company in the fall of 2021 and will consist of six episodes.

Set in 1937 at Walt Disney Studios, The Nunnery, the company’s all-female ink and paint department, rushes to complete Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs before Christmas. The project takes its toll on a young artist as the team works under difficult circumstances. The show complements Burbank who is scheduled to play at the Wild Project in New York from September 6-18.

Disney girls is written and directed by Cameron Darwin Bossert with actors Sivan Gordon-Buxbaum, Winnifred Bonjean-Alpart (SLUT: The Game), Taylor Cozort (single child), Emma DeCorsey (400 parts per million with blessed troubles)Meghan E. Jones (Waking up with Ugly Rhino) and Kelley Lord (Life and Beth). The costumes are by Yolanda Balaña.