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How to Get and Upgrade the Origins Lightning Staff in Zombies Chronicles


Unleash the powers of the Origins Lightning Staff in Zombies Chronicles.

Want to know how to get and upgrade Origins Lightning staff in Zombies Chronicles? Well, look no further as we have you covered in this guide that explains the steps and how to solve the game’s tricky puzzles.

How to get the Origins Lightning stick in Zombies Chronicles

The Origins Lightning stick in Zombies Chronicles is perhaps the hardest to get, especially when you compare it to the Fire and Wind stick process. But, before acquiring this magic tool, know that this experience can be much easier if you have another teammate with you because this journey takes a little time.

Also, while exploring the map, you can prepare for the start by turning the dials of mechanical devices to upgrade the Lightning Staff in the future (you can check out the code in the upgrade section of this guide.)

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get all Origins Lightning Staff parts:

  1. Obtain the Lightning Staff Record.

    You can find the Music Disc for Origins Lightning Staff near Generator 4. It usually spawns at the end of the Wind Staff cave, on the large cart next to the generator, and on the table near the Der Wunderfizz machine.

  2. Unlock the path to the church.

    The only way to get the lightning stick is to use the tank inside the church, so you’ll have to pay the toll to enter the facility. Be aware that you will need enough money to drive the vehicle back and forth to get all the necessary parts.

  3. Get on the tank and jump near a wooden platform.

    While riding on the tank, eliminate the first batch of zombies climbing on the vehicle. Then try jumping on the wooden platform with stairs as shown in the image below. However, this interaction in Zombies Chronicles is somewhat tricky, and sometimes you can jump at the wrong time (just backtrack until you get it.)

    Obtain the first part of the lightning rod
  4. Obtain the second part of the lightning rod.

    The tank will stop on the muddy path near generator 2 and you will have to wait until it is ready to go again for the next part. Once it’s ready to go, you can grab the following two pieces if you have someone else with you: one can jump to get the second piece on another wooden platform, while the other gets the last part in church.

    Origins Lightning Staff Second Piece
  5. Take the last piece of the stick.

    Those running solo on this mission must spin the tank again as the third part can only be obtained by returning to the church. Players can see a path there once they get close enough and jump to grab the last piece of the Origins Lightning stick in Zombies Chronicles.

    How to access the third part of the Lightning Staff
  6. Get the record and the Gramophone.

    Now that you have all the pieces, it’s time to use them by finding the black music disc and the Gramophone. The record appears in three places: near the excavation sign near the tunnel leading to the first generators, above the crates next to the church entrance, and on a wheelbarrow at the excavation site (you will need to pay to enter.) The Gramophone also always spawns on the floor of this area.

  7. Enter the Crazy Place from the Lightning Cave.

    Place the Lightning Record and Gramphone on the table in the staff cave.

  8. Take the Lightning Crystal (the purple structure) in the Crazy Place and craft the staff at the excavation site.

Updated Origins Lightning Staff and Lightning Staff Code

The Origins Lightning Staff in Zombies Chronicle has two codes you need to use to upgrade the game’s powerful tool. First, you need to return to the Crazy Place and go to the Lightning Staff area, where you should see a set of purple triangles.

Lightning Staff Code Upgrade
Source: Activision via Twinfinite

Meanwhile, players will need to hit specific triangles with the Lightning Staff on the bottom row (ignore the top) to begin the magic weapon upgrade journey. Here is the correct command:

  • First Cycle of Lightning Staff Code Upgrade: Hit the first, third, and sixth triangles (wait for the sparks to disappear before moving on to the next set.)
  • Second turn Lightning staff code upgrade: Target the third, fifth and seventh triangles.
  • Third round Lightning staff code upgrade: Hit the second, fourth, and sixth triangles (Samantha should be congratulating you at this point.)

The next phase you’ll need to take part in is spinning dials (use the action button) on mechanical devices throughout the Zombies Chronicles map. You will need to search for these machines, as shown here:

The Next Puzzle for Origins Lightning Staff
Source: Activision via Twinfinite

To make sure you understand what to do in this Origins puzzle, you can check out this Lightning Staff code:

After completing this game puzzle, you can return to the excavation site and interact with multiple levers until all ring colors are purple. Then you need to hit the purple orb in the rings with the Lightning Staff and return to the Crazy Place. Make sure you’re ready before entering it as you won’t be able to use the tool while it’s being upgraded (you need to put the stick back on the crystal structure at the start of your adventure.)

You need to defeat a certain number of zombies at Crazy Place to fully boost the Lightning Staff, and you can find a gun on the wall there if you run out of ammo during this phase.

Once Samantha congratulates you again, it’s time for you to pick up the upgraded Origins Lightning Staff and advance further in Zombies Chronicles.

That does it for our guide on how to get and upgrade Origins Lightning staff in Zombies Chronicles. For more franchise content, you can check out the relevant links below and check out our guides to the latest Call of Duty game and Call of Duty: MW2 Vault Edition.