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Holm Releases Brand New Track In Gardens

Swiss post-rock / ambient trio Holm streamed In the gardens, the title song of the musical project that occupied the group 2021, which you can listen to below.

Starting in May, the group slowly released all nine of the band’s studio bunker tracks that will make up their second album, In Gardens, as one-take live recordings, which soundtrack through the moods of 2021.

In the gardens is an escape in the colors of the evening. Out of town, higher and higher, further and further away, ”explains guitarist Dmitri Käch. “The lights become an ocean, then little specks, and finally the Earth is just a blue dot in space. Fragments of floating sounds echo, the guitars vibrate and chirp, the bassline revolves around itself, the drums whistle and pulse, and above all, a melody floats in weightlessness, sometimes shaken by a meteor shower. “

Formed in 2018 from Käch, Alessandro Giannelli (drums) and James Varghese (bass), the soothing grace of their music resists the excess of their downtown refuge, the results of a philosophy and a practice sustained since their first debut album of 2019, By Windows.

Describing a small island, close to the mainland or a larger island, the name of the group – Holm – carries with it connotations of retreat and isolated microcosm.

In the gardens will be released on Quiet Love Records on January 19.