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Highbury creative launches sustainable fashion brand PoBO

10:47 am March 21, 2022

The desire to have a positive impact on the world and the people around him has often informed Dario Peluso’s career decisions.

After reading development studies at university, working for the UN or founding a community orchestra, Dario’s latest venture is PoBO, an Islington-based sustainable clothing brand.

PoBO, which stands for Positive by Ownership, sells sustainable unisex t-shirts, beanies and sweatshirts with designs by designer Highbury himself.

Dario, 43, said: “Long term, we really want to make an impact, we want to be able to be at the forefront of this tidal wave of enduring but still very unique independent brands.

The brand’s mission statement puts sustainability at the center, as PoBO considers environmentalism issues at every stage of production, from their suppliers to their bank.

Originally from Naples, Italy, Dario moved to London for college almost 20 years ago and then developed a career in finance.

Having always had a keen interest in the arts, the semi-professional pianist founded the London Euphonia Orchestra in 2012, a charity uniting people from all musical backgrounds.

The entrepreneur and bandleader said, “The life of a classical pianist can be quite lonely, even if you’re very self-sufficient. I wanted other musicians, so I thought maybe I should start an orchestra myself.

Some of the PoBo clothes
– Credit: PoBo

However, following an accident in early 2019, Dario’s creative interests shifted to the visual arts when he discovered photography as a mindfulness tool.

The decision to launch a sustainable fashion brand was then born from the combination of her creative interest in photography and her passion for fashion.

He said: “I love fashion, I’ve always loved fashion and I couldn’t get used to the idea that it’s such a wasteful and polluting industry because I believe it’s possible to have a private enterprise that also has a positive impact on the world.

Leaving his job in early 2020, Dario studied at the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martin’s where he began to envision an impactful fashion brand with a focus on sustainability.

The 43-year-old said: “That’s the beauty of starting and having a business that you own because you really have the power to have and have an impact.

“We really want to be as strict as possible in terms of sustainability standards. All four pillars of sustainability, human, social, economic and environmental.

Therefore, PoBO only sells garments made with certified cotton, water-based and solvent-free inks, rayon viscose yarns and produced in a small studio based in Islington.

The patterns printed or embroidered on the garments are all created by Dario and are the expression of his creative vision.

He said: “The art that I produce, everything comes from photos that I then modify and take shapes from.

“There is always a meaning to me that is personal, but which somehow I think others might also find striking.

“It’s the way I see the world and it goes through my eyes and then back into my clothes.”

The embroidered heart featured on a number of products, for example, developed from a trip to Naples where Dario took a picture of a church and noticed the heart element on one of the statues.

Dario Peluso is based in Highbury

Dario Peluso is based in Highbury
– Credit: PoBO

Since Dario successfully launched PoBO with husband Craig of eight years last December, the brand has been named one of Techround’s 15 menswear companies to watch in 2022.

About the brand’s mission, Dario said, “We want to create clothes that people will love and love for a long time, even when they really get old, they’ll love it so much that they’ll keep it even when it’s gone. will collapse.”

Having moved to Islington with his girlfriend in 2009, the couple settled in Highbury where they live with their dog Bruno.

PoBO will be at SAMPLE Spring market in the Greenwich Peninsula on April 2.