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High Life Highland thanks staff and public for donations from Ukraine

High Life Highland will donate over £15,000 to the Ukraine Disaster Emergency Committee appeal after a weekend fundraiser.

Woman holding Ukrainian flag with text stand for Ukraine. Military aggression concept

To support the Highland Council of Highland Weekend of Action for Ukraine, HLH is sending £15,426 from staff and public donations to the humanitarian appeal.

More than four million people have fled Ukraine and another seven million have left their homes to escape the conflict, causing a huge humanitarian crisis.

High Life Highland Managing Director Steve Walsh said: ‘We have all seen the horrific scenes in Ukraine and I am delighted and honored that the customers and staff of High Life Highland have worked so selflessly together this weekend. -end to help those in desperate need.

“For the Highlands Action Weekend for Ukraine, tourist attractions, recreation centers, libraries, archives, music students and museums across High Life Highland raised funds for the cause.”

Along with donations from High Life Highland staff and the public, the City of Inverness Youth Pipe Band raised over £360 in Inverness High Street and the Highland Archive Center showed their solidarity, lit up in blue and yellow .

High Life Highland Chairman Ian Ross added: “Thanks to the incredible efforts of our customers and staff, we are very proud to be able to donate to DEC charities, providing food, water, shelter and medical assistance.

“I also know that a lot of organizations have joined the Highlands Weekend for Ukraine, so a big thank you to the Highland communities for their participation and success.”

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