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Heather Mitchell will bring Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the stage at the Sydney Theater Company’s Wharf Theater in October

Heather Mitchell will bring the extraordinary life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the stage of the Sydney Theater Company’s Wharf Theater in October for the world premiere of RBG: Of Many, One by acclaimed Australian lawyer-turned-playwright Suzie Miller.

This intimate one-woman show, led by Priscilla Jackman (White Pearl), will trace the incredible accomplishments throughout RBG’s professional life – her historic Supreme Court nomination, her dogged advocacy for reproductive rights and her service alongside from Clinton, Obama and Trump – and shed light on the woman behind the public figure, from her teenage years in New York to her death in 2020.

Miller, whose play about the legal profession Prima Facie (Griffin Theater Company) recently had a famous tour with Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) in the West End and will soon play on Broadway, said she wrote RBG: Of Many , One out of a fascination with the “human fallibility of such a brilliant woman”.

“As an iconic judge and incredible spirit, I often felt safe in a world where her voice rang out on behalf of all women,” Miller said.

“RBG has spoken across generations – she has spoken to and for all women, everywhere. What fascinated me about her is that despite her genius, her fallibility humanizes her.”

Mitchell, who previously played Catherine McGregor in Jackman’s 2018 STC play Still Point Turning: The Catherine McGregor Story, said it was an “incredible privilege” to play such an iconic figure as Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

“She was small in stature but imposing in her ideas and her courage: in that small frame was a power, a visionary,” Mitchell said.

“A solo show is a huge task, but I feel really energized by Ruth’s unwavering passion and her vision for the future. I hope people leave this show feeling inspired by her, and also by life. in general. Ruth gave a sense that anything is possible, she is an example of what passion, commitment and hard work can achieve.”

Director Priscilla Jackman says the play is about leadership and will give Australian audiences in 2022 a chance to “understand the journey of feminism from the perspective of a woman who has created so many milestones in the movement”.

“This is a chance for us to really reflect on what we take for granted in terms of equality before the law and how important it is for us to remain vigilant and aware of all the progress people like RBG are making. “said Jackman sadly.

“We see a juxtaposition in the leadership someone like RBG brings to the world in the context of meeting three different presidents – Clinton, Obama, and Trump – over the three parts of the play. very emblematic personalities, who have in themselves different styles of leadership, you really come to ask yourself a whole series of questions about leadership as well as about gender.”

The creative team includes designer David Fleischer (Blithe Spirit), lighting designer Alexander Berlage, composer Paul Charlier, assistant director Sharon Millerchip and vocal coach Jennifer White.

RBG: Of Many, One will play at STC’s Wharf 1 Theater from October 29 through December 17.