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Grammy-winning Olivia Rodrigo thanks Long Island’s Dan Nigro, her producer and ‘best friend’

Behind Olivia Rodrigo’s three Grammy wins on Sunday night stood Long Island native, producer-songwriter Dan Nigro.

“A big thank you to Dan who made all my music with me,” Rodrigo said during his acceptance speech for the Best New Artist award. “Dan, you are the best friend and collaborator I could ask for, so it’s thanks to you. Thank you.”

Nigro, of Massapequa Park, produced and co-wrote much of Rodrigo’s album ‘Sour’, which won Best Pop Vocal Album and included the hit ‘Drivers License’, which won Best Performance pop solo. The single, which broke streaming records on Spotify and spent eight weeks at No. 1, turned 19-year-old Rodrigo into a major star and established 39-year-old Nigro as a rising hitmaker. Major names such as Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Haley Williams and Annie Clark (known by her stage name St. Vincent) also have songwriting credits on the album.

Nigro, dressed in a dark suit with a patterned black shirt, sat at Rodrigo’s table at Sunday’s ceremony and posed for photographers with the singer backstage as she held her best new Grammy artist. (Like Swift before her, Rodrigo at one point held so many Grammys that she dropped and broke one.)

Long Island music fans may remember Nigro as the lead singer of As Tall as Lions, an indie band that rode the area’s emo wave in the 2000s. rock bands such as Taking Back Sunday and Brand New were becoming mainstream bands, Nigro’s band tended to branch out into ballads and build up a small but loyal following. When As Tall as Lions broke up in 2010, Nigro moved to Los Angeles and became a freelance songwriter and producer.

Collaborations with Sky Ferreira, Carly Rae Jepsen and others followed, but it was Rodrigo — a ‘High School Musical’ alumnus seeking a record deal — who seemed to connect with the romantic sensibility. from Nigro. The two began working together at the start of the pandemic in 2020, a collaboration that would produce all five singles from the album, including “Deja Vu”, “Traitor”, “Brutal” and “Good 4 U”. The latter earned a nomination for Best Music Video.

“I feel like we’re a good pair,” Nigro told Newsday shortly after “Drivers License” became a hit. “She comes up with ideas, and then I kind of run them through my filter of how I can hear a song. We will play with different tempos, keys and chord progressions. For some reason it works.

On Monday, Nigro did not immediately respond to Newsday’s request for comment.

TV viewing for the CBS television broadcast of the 64th Grammy Awards will be only slightly higher than last year’s all-time low, reports the Los Angeles Times. Early data from Nielsen showed CBS broadcasting averaged 8.93 million viewers, a notch above the comparable figure of 8.8 million in 2021. Last year’s final figure was 9, 2 million viewers. CBS estimates this year’s broadcast will end up with 9.6 million viewers when out-of-home viewing data is added, a 4% gain over last year. The figure includes people who streamed the event live on Paramount+ and other platforms.