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George Russell takes aim at TV producer for Lando Norris’ unshown near miss in Monaco | F1 | sport

George Russell has jokingly targeted TV producers for overlooking his near miss with Lando Norris as he left the pit lane during the Monaco Grand Prix in wet conditions on Sunday. The Mercedes driver managed to maintain his impressive record of finishing in the top five at every race in 2022 on the streets of Monte Carlo, but nearly came into contact with Norris in an incident which was not aired in during the live broadcast.

Russell was surprised to learn in his post-race interview with Sky Sports F1 that his close call with Norris was missed by TV producers as he joked about the powers that be for ignoring the incident.

“It was a little tight with Lando coming out of the pits,” he said. “I don’t know if you’ve seen it, have you seen it?”

On learning that the incident had not been shown live, Russell said: “Wow, you missed it! He came past me out of the pits, I was behind, he went left and I went over the wet stuff.

“It was pretty risky from inside the car, but obviously it wasn’t good enough for the TV producer, so next time!”

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Russell’s commendable fifth place came at the end of an extremely eventful race in Monaco, which was eventually capped at the FIA’s two-hour time limit due to a series of long delays. A huge pre-race downpour saw the start postponed before the red flags were shown on the formation lap due to poor conditions, prompting an hour-long break before the action finally began behind the race car. security.

The race was then signaled again on lap 30 when Mick Schumacher lost control before crashing into the barriers at high speed, the impact splitting his Haas car in two. The German driver managed to escape unscathed but the incident sparked another long hold-up as the wreckage was cleared from the edge of the circuit.


“It was tough, it was frustrating in the car from the start when we kept having delays,” added Russell.

“Fair play to the FIA, they saw the time coming. It was really unridable conditions when we first attempted it.

“Then the second red flag, a dry line, the track dries up. It’s never easy, especially on a track like this, but we did it. More to come next time, I think. “