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Former NXT Producer Launches New Website, Consulting Business And Music

By Jason Powell, Editor of (@prowrestlingnet)

The following press release was released on Tuesday to promote former NXT producer Ryan Katz’s new business plans.

During his 8.5 years with WWE NXT’s creative development department, Ryan Katz has worked with some of the biggest superstars in the industry, and now he’s available to budding superstars-to-be through his new site. Web and its consulting business.

As part of the team laying the groundwork for future stars, Katz’s recent work has taken place outside the spotlight and his influence has only really been known to those he has worked with. Katz uses a multitude of motivational techniques and styles to help a performer find their authentic and believable voice, ultimately guiding them to unlock and surpass their true potential. “It’s about building confidence and making the performer feel comfortable when they’re uncomfortable,” Katz exclaimed. “With this business being so focused on learning and critiquing, it’s important to maintain enthusiasm and self-esteem through constant critiquing.” Katz makes everyone he works with feel inspired, excited, confident and ready to take on the world.

Sitting under the apprenticeship tree as an apprentice of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Katz was tutored in presentation skills and the art of communication by the best in the industry. Later, Katz was able to travel and learn from William Regal, one of wrestling’s most respected minds.

In addition to helping develop the next generation of wrestling talent, Katz also brings his skills and charm to the worlds of corporate team building and seminars, school assemblies, on-camera performances, coaching, and coaching. accommodation and even marriage arbitration.

Always one to make the most of opportunities, Katz will also return to his hip-hop roots with the regular release of his new series of hip-hop music videos on his social media with plans to release an EP this summer.

With an extremely diverse and versatile skill set, find out how Ryan Katz can serve you and help you achieve your dreams.


ABOUT RYAN KATZ aka GQ Money aka Fabian Kaelin aka Smiley

With 23 years in the professional wrestling industry, Ryan Katz has done it all. Having starred as GQ Money for XPW, Fabian Kaelin for WSX on MTV, and as the host of Afterbuzz TV’s Monday Night Raw aftershow, Ryan Katz is the versatile embodiment of style with a smile. As an accomplished hip-hop MC, Katz, under the alias Smiley, opened up to legendary artists such as KRS-ONE, Digital underground and Kurtis Blow.

Instagram: @ryanissmiley

Twitter: @iamsmiley

Powell’s point of view: We wish Ryan well in his new endeavors and in life after WWE.

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