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Fine Arts Center Theater Company Youth Repertoire Ensemble presents ANYONE CAN WHISTLE

The Fine Arts Center Theater Company will celebrate the culmination of this year’s Youth Repertory Ensemble program with their production of “Anyone Can Whistle” from July 28-31, 2022.

The original musical from Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents tells the story of a corrupt mayor who fakes a miracle to revitalize her bankrupt town alongside the story of an unhappy romance between a rational nurse at the local asylum in the city, to expose the fraud, and an easy-going doctor who is determined to profit from the chaos it brings. “Anyone Can Whistle” has become a cult favorite since its Broadway debut in 1964, delivering a poignant message about the importance of the individual in a conformist society – but not before pointing its ever-relevant barbs at government, religion, science and anything. another who stands in his way.

With its circus atmosphere, “Anyone Can Whistle” features plenty of memorable and adorably cartoonish roles of all sizes. The dazzling, melodic Broadway-style score brims with the youthful energy of experimentation, consisting of one show after another, including two extended ballets that provide opportunities for inspired choreography. Composer-lyricist Sondheim’s score includes “There Won’t Be Trumpets”, “With So Little to be Sure Of”, “Me and My Town”, “Miracle Song”, “A Parade in Town”, “See What It Get You”. ,” “Everybody Says Don’t,” the title track, and more.

Youth repertoire set

The CAF Youth Repertory Ensemble, now in its 23rd year, is a five-week conservatory training program for aspiring theater artists, designers and technicians, all of whom have auditioned and/or interviewed for inclusion in the program.

Quote from Pirronne Yousefzadeh, Artistic Director Producer of the Center for Fine Arts

“Youth Rep, along with the rest of our educational programs, is a vital part of the FAC Theater Company’s mission. It is through these opportunities that students hone their theatrical craft, deepen their collaborative skills, and forge lifelong connections. with each other. I consider it one of our deepest responsibilities and privileges that we create space for this learning, growth and exploration as students continue their journey in the performing arts.”

Participants in this year’s Youth Repertory Ensemble include:

Cast: Riley Burton, Veranika Coates, Ella Dill, Lena Dill, Abby Ditlow, Weller Dorff, Sam Elliott, Cole Freyler, Christabelle Higley, Ella Illsley, Jonah Illsley, Evelyn Kelley, Chloe Lee, Josephine Ann Matchette, Addison Miller, Keegan Owen , Zeke Redfern, Mirix Robertson-Leich, Sylvie Robinson, Lacey Rubenstein, Nathan Rytting, Abram Salazar, Maddie Schoen, Anna Shelton, Ilana Sherwood, Carter Searcy, Paige Seuffert, Carly Simpson, Garrett Sullivan, Willow Tachna, Logan Walker, Olivia Willers

Design/Technical: Erika Knebel, Sydney Olson, Meredith Phalen, Briyar Weese

Creative Team: Direction by Kristen Samu, Choreography by Victor Ayers, Music Directed by Stephanie McGuffin, Scenic Design by Chris Sheley, Lighting Design by Holly Rawls, Costume Design by Sammy Gleason, Direction by Timothy Muldrew and assistant director by Morgan Gatson

Tickets: or through the FAC box office at (719) 634-5583.