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Exclusive interview with UK-based DJ and producer – Donovan

Talented UK based DJ and producer Donovan returns with another hit single titled “To The Edge” available now on all music streaming platforms!

Donovan’s Latest Release’to the edge‘ begins with a preset of ‘Reese Bass’, a signature sound from Donavan’s recent output. ‘To The Edge’ has very futuristic sounds with a hard hitting slap bass. The vocals just seem to sync perfectly to the beat. “To The Edge” is definitely a very sexy, confident and enthusiastic song that is club ready and will get everyone moving on the dance floor!

With previous versions’Lost‘ and ‘FavoriteOn top of amassing over 400,000 streams on music streaming platforms and garnering endorsements from some of the world’s most renowned DJs and producers, Donovan shows no signs of slowing down and is gearing up for success for the rest of 2022. We have no doubt that Donovan will soon be a household name in the industry and he would be happy for you to join him on his musical journey, so connect with this talented DJ and producer on social media platforms.

Exclusive interview

Hi Donovan! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us here at UFO Network today. Please introduce yourself to our fans, tell us a bit about what you do and how you got started.

Hi guys, thanks for having me, I’m Donovan and I’m from Bolton just outside Manchester in the UK. I Funny but true story, I bought a box of cereal when I was 10 and got a free Magix music maker demo CD. I actually wanted to be a rapper and make hip hop beats, but very soon I realized I was no good and started making dance music.

You go by your first name as your artist alias which is not often done and we find that very original. Why did you choose to do this and do you have an alter ego that comes out to play during the performance?

I have tried different names over the years. Everyone always asked me why I didn’t just use my own name Donovan. I sat down and thought about it, it’s already inherently unique.

Tell us about your latest album “To The Edge” which was released recently and what was it like working on this track? What was your motivation behind this release?

Basically, I love making music, all genres especially dance. Since the death of Lewis (my best friend), I decided to invest myself more than anything in my music. He always told me to go to the studio, to stop wasting time. I did the bassline, and I just knew it was going to be a great song. I literally hammered the studio all week thinking Lewis would love this song.

Condolences to you and the family of your dear friend who passed away recently. Mental health is something that is often overlooked and then swept under the rug, especially among musicians in the electronic dance music scene. What is your opinion on mental health and depression and what advice would you give our audience and other DJs and producers reading this?

TALK. There are so many people, especially men who commit suicide. I have been through a lot myself. I have good friends around me who are positive people, find those people and be close to them. Whenever I’ve been down, I know I can pick up the phone. It can be especially difficult in the music scene, I guess, because of drugs and alcohol. I’m pretty sure that a healthy lifestyle when I’m not performing or in the studio can help prevent those negative feelings.

What would be your dream collaboration if a Dj or a producer from the EDM scene offered you the opportunity today and why?

Oliver Heldens. All day, every day, this guy to me is a genius. Being this talented at such a young age just isn’t real. I have to listen to Oliver’s songs at least once a day. Every song hits the mark and it’s awesome to watch live. I’ve seen it more than ten times now.

Our team is always on the lookout for new music that hits the UFO Network. Give us some of your favorites to date and which artists would you suggest we check out?

Ben Hemsley. This really cool Georgie Kid just keeps on hitting. Every time I go to his Instagram, the guys release a new song. He also adapted to his own style. I can not explain it !

Which golden oldie, no matter how many times you’ve listened to it in the past, is still a favorite and never gets old for you?

This is going to sound weird… Donna Summer’s hot stuff, don’t ask why.

One thing we like to ask is, name one thing your fans don’t already know about you and wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for this interview? Spill the beans!

The car in the TO THE EDGE video at the start was actually my own car at the time! Obviously my lifestyle has improved with new contracts and the car as well.

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What projects do you currently have “in the works” and what can we and your fans expect from you for the rest of 2022?

I just signed two contracts with majors, one of which is ‘Blanco y Negro’. I can’t wait to know the release date of “Feel Good”. I fell in love with the TRB 303 and am currently working on a techno EP. Expect unusually sounding songs that resonate on the dance floor. It has already been played by many Big DJs and broadcast on BBC Radio 1.

How to start a song? Tell us about your production and creative process involved. Do you have the infamous “producer’s block” and feel the need to realign with your creative side?

I literally play for hours with sounds, all day every day. no matter how I feel. My moods often vary as usual, so the sounds come out according to my tone. If I hear something like a bass noise or a synth that I like, my ears will perk up. Then I’ll have an idea for a melody and try to come up with it or something similar, and then I’ll build the song around that. I’m lucky now to have a studio away from home. So when I go to my music room I go make some music, I close the door, the phone goes into airplane mode and then it’s my time. I’ve often had ‘writers block’, I have to admit. I leave the studio, close the door and basically go get some food, listen to pop music or go for a walk, then come back refreshed and it seems to work.

The last question, but one of my favorites! The relationship between a DJ and the audience is fragile – how do you find the balance between giving your audience what they want and offering them something new at the same time?

Very interesting question. I like to play new music during the sets towards the end, I feel that we can build the atmosphere with the audience. I would say play your new music when the crowd is already hopping. If the songs slam, they’ll respond well to them and will already be in a good mood during your set.

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Exclusive interview with UK-based Dj & Amp;  Producer - Donovan