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Exclusive interview with TikTok Sensation, DJ and producer duo Duke & Jones

On behalf of UFO Network, I had fun chatting with UK DJ and producer duo Duke & Jones, the masterminds behind the viral TikTok video “Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle” among others!

Duke & Jones is quickly establishing itself as one of the most forward-thinking independent players in the industry. Carving out a reputation as “producers of producers”, they continue to prove that real talent doesn’t need a record label or a huge co-sign to make waves – instead, they let the music speak for itself.

Duke & Jones have built an impressive repertoire of releases over the past few years, including dozens of singles on platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. The pair caught the public eye when their music was used in viral videos by popular TikTokers, and their unique sound has helped them attract millions of listeners around the world, including a loyal TikTok who is hooked to their hilarious autotune videos.

Exclusive interview

Hi gentlemen! Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. Please introduce yourself to our fans, tell us a bit about what you do and how you got started.

“Hi, we’re Luke and Isaac, also known as Duke & Jones! We’re two friends from Manchester UK who have been making music together for quite a long time! We started around 2012, making house bootlegs progressives of Rihanna songs and streaming them on SoundCloud for fun. Over the years, the music got a lot better (there’s a reason we removed Rihanna’s bootlegs), and we decided to do music professionally.

Duke & Jones, I’m curious how and why you use this nickname and do you have an alter ego when playing?

“The name was revealed to Duke in a dream, in which the dog Marmaduke from the 2010 film ‘Marmaduke’ headlined Tomorrowland back to back with Indiana Jones. Marmaduke & Jones wasn’t catchy enough so we I wouldn’t say we have alter egos when we play, except maybe we’re more exaggerated versions of ourselves.

You guys have garnered an astounding audience of over 1.4 million TikTok followers and counting! How did you make “TikTok famous” so to speak and did the pandemic play a role in all of that? I love your content by the way, I had no idea you were behind some of the viral trends going around!

“Thank you! I think being ‘TikTok famous’ comes from having a good concept (creating autotuned songs from viral videos) and sticking to it with consistency. Gaining 1.4 million subscribers is the result of making hundreds of videos in two years We had previously done all sorts of random little sketches on TikTok, but the first auto tune we did quickly got a couple hundred thousand views – so we knew we were on something. There were several that reached millions and went semi-viral, but nothing close to Jiggle Jiggle. The pandemic was definitely a contributing factor; it was during the pandemic that TikTok went from l ‘one of the social media apps where viral content was created at the social media app dictating the viral/meme culture. I think people stuck inside were really drawn to it as a way to find inspiration. humor and tr Open groups of like-minded people with the frighteningly accurate algorithm.

‘Jiggle Jiggle’ has reached so many homes haha. I remember watching the episode with Louis Theroux and you just took it to the next level! You recently dumped a Spotify manager and in the span of 3 weeks you garnered over 4 million streams and counting. What does it sound like and what was your motivation behind creating this track?

“Like I said, we make hundreds of TikTok songs, so the initial motivation was just to do something to post that day. We thought it was pretty catchy and could go down well, but it’s truly amazing how far it has traveled. It was super cool to be able to go into the studio with Louis and record the official version, so we really owe a big thank you to everyone who used the audio or made a dance video for making this possible.

What would be your dream collaboration if a DJ or producer from the EDM scene gave you the opportunity today and why?

“We would absolutely love to be able to go into the studio with Disclosure. They’ve been churning out massive hits for almost a decade now, and their sound has matured and evolved so much, while still being very identifiable. I’ve watched a lot of their Twitch content during the pandemic, and I think they’re incredibly intentional as producers, always adding, changing, or deleting things to serve a very specific purpose – which you really can’t. only do so with the level of experience and attention to detail they possess.

A topic we like to discuss here at UFO is mental health awareness and how it affects professionals in the music industry, among others. What is your opinion on mental health and depression and what advice would you give to our audience and other DJs and producers reading this?

“The most important thing to say is that there is no shame in asking for help; it’s really good to see how much the company has moved in this direction recently. Getting therapy appointments can be difficult, but if you’re struggling and able to get therapy, it’s such a good thing to do. I actually think huge swaths of the population would really benefit if it were even more normalized. Getting into music production and DJing can be scary and lonely at times, especially when you take the plunge and go full time. It can be hard for people outside the industry to understand the stress you’re under as a producer, because from social media it seems like you’re doing fun things all the time.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend going as a duo, so you still have that support, but it’s definitely important to make friends and meet people who are in the same space, and who will be able to properly understand what’s going on and give good advice, without having to fill in huge amounts of context first. It doesn’t just benefit your mental health either – having people who can give you trading advice and feedback about music is also very useful for your career.

Our team is always on the lookout for new music that hits the UFO Network. Give us some of your favorites to date and which artists would you suggest we check out?

“Lately we’ve been rocking a lot of Longstoryshort, ATRIP, Taiki Nulight and Matroda. The latest Snakehips stuff has been fire too. I’m desperately waiting for Tony Romera to put out a flip of Walking on a Dream that he’s been teasing on the networks social media but I’m starting to lose hope… The person everyone absolutely needs to find out about, though, is Eleganto, he’s a Spanish producer and he’s currently criminally underrated.

Which golden oldie, no matter how many times you’ve listened to it in the past, is still a favorite and never gets old for you?

“Sub Focus – Out the Blue is still as amazing as it was the day it fell, and we’re both fully committed to that opinion.”

One thing we like to ask is, name one thing your fans don’t already know about you and wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for this interview? Spill the beans 😜

“One of us likes to drink the brine from canned tuna. You’ll have to guess which one.

What projects do you currently have “in the works” and what can we and your fans expect from you for the rest of 2022?

“We are finishing a lot of new music – a lot of delicious flavors of house music. There’s a new version (Lucid) coming out June 3 on Spinnin’. Of course, you can also expect a lot more from TikToks.

How to start a song? Tell us about your production and creative process involved. Do you sometimes have the infamous “producer block” and feel the need to realign yourself with your creative side?

“It really varies. One thing that’s always been true is that we start at the beginning. We’re not the kind of producers who can drop or hook and work backwards from there. I I’ve always found it’s much easier to step into the world of a song and make the structure make sense if you put it all together in the right order Sometimes we’ll be inspired by a sample of Splice or stumbling across a cool new preset, other times we’ll start with a voice and build around it. It’s a great excuse to play with different sounds and genres without pressure, and to feel like you’ve accomplished a useful task while having a little fun.

“The other thing I like to do if I’m stuck is go back to my roots and do bootleg remixes of songs I really like – it’s so much easier to find inspiration if you start with something hugely inspiring at the heart of the song. It doesn’t even have to be serious – I once broke a creative block by doing a groove-house edit of the Wii Shop Channel theme. I was having so much fun I made some really crazy drums in about 15 minutes – and ended up pasting those drums as the basis for a new original song!That brings us to another important point: if you don’t aren’t feeling creative, it’s a good idea to use that time to do the kind of administrative tasks that will get you absolutely flying the next time you’re feeling creative – things like making/saving presets, organizing sounds, or researching cool samples.

The last question but one of my favorites! The relationship between a DJ and the audience is fragile – how do you find the balance between giving your audience what they want and offering them something new at the same time?

“For us right now, I think this one is actually pretty simple: Step 1 – play Jiggle Jiggle. Step 2 – play some cool new house music”

Thanks for chatting with us! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

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