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Everything you need to know about Kesha’s beauty brand, Kesha Rose Beauty

Since its initial release on December 6, 2019, Kesha Rose Beauty has captured the attention of fans and beauty lovers alike, per NYLON. Kesha’s makeup artist, Vittorio Massechia, worked with the artist to develop her signature style full of bold colors and eye-catching looks, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a national park led to the inclusion of that boldness and color in the collection.

In an interview with Billboard, Kesha recalls a time when she, her band, and her makeup artist decided to spend an evening camping in Yellowstone National Park. “We all went deep into the woods and stayed up all night painting our faces different colors, running through the woods. It was such a beautiful time with friends and people I work with We had so much fun, so a huge part of that memory made me want to have all those colors in my palette,” she said of the experience. The palette, called the “FTW” palette, consists of twelve unique eyeshadow shades in bold hues, each named after a different song.

At HipDot, the palette is currently available on its own for $36 as well as in a set with other products in the Kesha Rose line. The set that includes each product is $86 and includes two lipsticks in Raising Hell and Kesha shades, a lip gloss, and a set of dual-ended liquid eyeliners.