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ESPN unveils all-new college football anthem for 2022

In a familiar move for the college football season, ESPN released its college football anthem for the 2022 season on Friday morning.

The new single – titled “The Emperor” – is from Yungblud, a British singer, musician, songwriter and actor. It will provide the musical backdrop throughout the 2022-23 college football season. This will be ESPN’s anthem for all college football coverage beginning Week 0 on August 27. Yungblud also has a self-titled album slated for September 2 (Locomotion/Geffen Records).

“It’s a huge honor to have my song ‘The Emperor’ chosen as the anthem for ESPN’s college football season. I wrote this song when I was 17; it was just a burst of energy unfiltered which I knew would have its moment one day,” Yungblud said in an ESPN press release.
Yungblud revealed that he has been performing the song live for 5 years but never found the right time for a release until now.

“In previous years, we selected music that matched the tone of college football. This year, with “The Emperor,” it sounds like a song tailored for Yungblud’s college football. The chants, hype and tone are a perfect match for how we expect to feel around and inside college football this season,” Curtis Friends, senior director of sports marketing for ESPN said in a press release. “The accelerated pace and energy of the song feels like the release of all the energy and intensity fans, players and teams have had in anticipation of the season ahead. It’s the fit the perfect theme for the ebbs and flows of the season that will end with a team crowned the next emperor of college football.