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Emmerdale producer delivers music to fan ears on Meena


Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson has confirmed that Meena “will get what happens to her.”

Last year it was revealed that Meena, arriving in the village in 2020, was a murderer.

Meena killed her best friend Nadine before arriving in Emmerdale. Since arriving, she has killed Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker.

She also attempted to kill Victoria Sugden, Priya Sharma and currently holds Vinny Dingle and her sister Manpreet captive in a barn.

Emmerdale Dec 17 Meena is furious to see Billy and Dawn talking intimately
Meena killed four people (ITV)

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For months, viewers wondered if Meena would ever get caught.

However, Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson has confirmed that Meena will get what happens to her, but it looks like there is more to come in this story.

Emmerdale producer confirms Meena ‘will get what happens to her’

Meena murdered Leanna (Photo credit: ITV)

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other outlets at a virtual press event, Jane was asked what’s in store for Meena’s story and if she’ll get her spot anytime soon.

Jane replied, “Well, I think it’s fair to say that judgment day for Meena is approaching. Whether she’s gonna get away with a murder or not, you’ll have to wait and find out.

There’s more to come (Photo credit: ITV)

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“There are still other twists and turns to be had in this story, some that you probably won’t see coming, but I think we all agree that Meena can do just about anything, but yes, by day judgment is coming.

“It won’t go quite as you hoped and there will be a lasting effect on a lot of our villagers, but I think in the next few months Meena will understand what is happening to her, shall we say.”

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