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Electronic Producer Jay Slay Teams Up With Scarlett Darling To Reinvigorate “Shape Of You”

Dramatically different from its predecessor, award-winning electronic artist and producer Jay Slay’s new rendition of Ed Sheeran’s hit single, “Shape of You,” hits all the right notes with a sweet aftertaste.

Slay’s version of “Shape Of You” features gritty guitar and Latin-flavored percussive elements that lend an air of sensuality to this dancehall-inspired cover. With Scarlett Darling’s sultry vocals paying homage to the original version of the song, long sultry syllables tie together fast, seductive lyrics, captivating the listener and forcing them into a solid groove.

“I wanted to get away from strictly creating original music,” Slay shares. “I wanted to develop the creation of occasional covers, having fun creating entirely new instrumentation and harmonizing well-known pieces.

“I wanted to bring these hits to life in different ways.”

High-octane sound exploration is part of the journey of the DJ, producer and one of the leaders of the Vibe Raiders label based in Edmonton, Alberta. A classically trained pianist with 20 years of formal study, Slay is blessed with a deep and deep understanding of the inner workings of music. This knowledge is the foundation upon which Slay’s productions live and breathe – where the outcome of construction is entirely limited by the imagination thanks to the vast array of modern production tools in his armor.

With 18 releases to date – including more than 200,000 “All Night Long” streams – Jay Slay’s success has led him to Digital Empire Records hosting five remix contests for his original music.

Part of Slay’s work at the Vibe Raiders label is event management, which fits right in with his background as a DJ, party planner and innovator – like his ability to bridge music analog and digital, including its DJ-ready USB drives. .

While Slay is a formidable producer in the live music and studio music scene, he is also a respected asset to the music community. Jay finds himself with a selfless mission tied to his music career as a music educator, mental health speaker, and collaborating author.

All of this hard and selfless contribution has led to Slay’s accolades, including his FM radio broadcast on over 120 Canadian and US stations.

On top of that, he reached over a million streams on direct streaming platforms and received the top most added spot on North American independent FM radio stations in May 2020 for his single “All Night Long “.