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Electronic Producer Duo Bajje Squad Collaborate With Vocalist Thomson Andrews On Groovy Synth-Popsingle ‘HIGH ON FEEL’

MUMBAI: Radio and Music exclusively features the latest and grooviest Synth-Pop single ‘HIGH ON FEEL’ from electronic producer duo Bajje Squad in collaboration with Pop RnB singer-songwriter Thomson Andrews. We had the opportunity to interview these stellar artists as they share their experience of working and creating music together.

Check the interview below:

Tell us about the song HIGH ON FEEL.

High On Feel encapsulates the power of meeting your soul mate.

It’s about how your world is completely turned around for the better. The energy of a soul mate is part of you the first time you know it’s her. “High On Feel” is dance music, it’s pop, it’s a romantic ballad, it’s a banger. With international arrangements and localized vocals, we have a refreshing new sound that will grab listeners’ attention while creating a strong emotional connection with the vocals.

How did this collaboration between Thomson Andrews and Bajje Squad come about?

Pratik of Bajje Squad says, “A few years ago I worked with Thomson on branded music properties in India – MTV Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged where Thomson was singing for top music producers like AR Rahman sir, Amit Trivedi, etc. touch and when the idea of ​​diving into the language came up, the first name that came to mind was “Thomson Andrews”. He’s super versatile and a fantastic singer. We knew right away that this song needed Thomson’s vocals and the rest is history now :)”.

What inspired you to produce this song?

Thus, Bajje Squad has for some time focused on exploring the full spectrum of electronic music. We wanted to focus on bringing those sensibilities to a modern take on Hindi music. We wanted to build stronger connections with audiences exploring the Hindi space. We believe we can explore more westernized soundscapes with Indianized vocal arrangements.

Was it a challenge to compose on a synth-pop rhythm for you as a singer-songwriter?

“Well, it wasn’t difficult; was kind of super fun, because the beat of the music and the track I heard instantly inspired me to compose several cool hooks and took me to a whole new space melodically,” says the singer-songwriter Thomson Andrews. He adds, “I remember sitting at home and imagining the melody for the song and finally laying down 3 different melodies and hooks that all sounded great, because the track was so groovy. At first I had a hard time limiting myself to just one option. Following this process, Pratik and Mark (duo Bajje Squad) and I had a few ideation sessions to select a melody that matched the track and groove well and once we locked in the melody and vibed on it, we had a single ready to be cooked!. We then had lyrics written by Divyesh Mungra who beautifully put our vision through lyrics that fit the melody perfectly. After the final dub and master mix, we hear a stellar song that I’m proud to be associated with. Bajje Squad and I still have some great tracks up our sleeve and it’s an absolute creative process, a fun and artistically rewarding experience to work with them. Their professionalism and passion for creating great music are the traits that made our synergies match, to create great music and work together.”

Your perspective on collaborations and their importance in today’s music consumption.

We have the impression that today making a collaboration is the secret sauce of any artist.

1. It feeds a larger audience with 2 different artists coming together.

2. When 2 styles come together, it’s pure experimentation in our opinion. Everything you enter has a new avatar once you exit the studio.

3. Also, I think the most important thing about collaborations is… you learn so much from the artists you collaborate with, like different workflows, professionalism, and you expand your musical horizons

How did it go with Pop-Rnb singer-songwriter Thomson Andrews?

Thomson is a super popular voice in the music circuit, catchy pop songs and vocals for various industry heavyweights, he’s done it all! We were super excited to bring the song to Thomson and check out what he thought of the collaboration. The turning point for us was when Thomson immediately jumped on the idea and it was super encouraging so we got together and played around and that’s how the song was born. Thomson is one of the most versatile artists we know. His range is spectacular and his vocal arrangements are super innovative. Which is a win for us and Bajje Squad as a collective.

What were the challenges you had to face to bring the project to its realization stage?

We are super critical when it comes to everything we publish. From our music videos, creations, promotional material, or even mixing and mastering. We are a complete DIY project. We have full control over our art and we like it that way. That’s why we spend most of our time analyzing everything we do and examining every approach. It’s not really a challenge but takes more time. But we wouldn’t change anything about that, I think it works for us 🙂

Tell us about the musical production elements you chose to use in this track that helped you achieve this new and unique approach to a Hindi single.

The production of High on feel is the expression of our love for European trance. Artists like Armin, Paul van Dyk, BT, Gabriel & Dresden had a huge influence on us from the early stages of our journey in electronic music. So in terms of production, we’ve incorporated iconic Trance sounds like the rolling baseline, Gated Vocals, Synth Plucks & Arps But in a way that’s uniquely our own. We have arrangements that are more influenced by the US Top 40 charts – Verse, Pre-Chorus and Chorus structures. Thomson’s vocals take it all to a whole new level.

What’s next for this combined act of Bajje Squad and Thomson Andrews

We’ve already started working on our next release and it’s going to be a whole different vibe. As we said earlier, we want to dive deeper and experiment a lot more with electronic music in the Hindi space. There is so much uncharted territory and we believe we can seamlessly fill the void.