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Egyptian high-end DJ and music producer Dj Kaboo brings his talent to Marvel’s New Moonknight TV series

Introducing to the world its kind of unique Arabian trap!

DUBAI, UAE, May 4, 2022 / — The new show revolves around protagonist Marc Spector, an individual with a troubled and bloody past who, after encountering the statue of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, becomes MoonKnight. Participate in a series of adventures around the world, including modern Egypt.

Keen to showcase current Egyptian culture and music, Marvel tapped one of the hottest emerging DJs and music producers in the Middle East, DJ Kaboo. One of Dubai’s star DJs with recent notable performances at Expo Dubai in March, as well as opening for Arab superstar Mohamed Ramadan on March 26 this year at the Formula 1 concerts in Jeddah.

It was around this time after “A concert at 3 in the morning I got an email from a company saying they were doing music for Marvel Studios saying they were interested in my Arab Trap music”. “At first I thought it was a scam, like, Marvel contact me? You ask for my music?” Having been a fan of Marvel heroes such as Spiderman and Ironman since childhood, his shock at the idea that his tracks to be featured in a Marvel TV series was unreal. Initially only wanting one track “Arab Trap One made in Egypt”, they quickly wanted a second track “Enta” from Kaboo’s 2020 Arab Trap EP. Kaboo’s own words, “None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t had faith in my concept of Arab Trap and wanted to share our culture with the world, now I truly have my chance to achieve this dream”. Marvel’s effort to bring in Egyptian talent to do justice to the new series aims to introduce a new injection of modern Egyptian and Arabic music into the music world, which Kaboo had tested in culturally diverse clubs. from Dubai, finding an extremely p positive. on the music of the international public.

Noting the positive reception of Arab influences in music, he feels the desire to create authentic and original music that combines his passions. He set out to mix and master old popular Arabic tracks and invigorate them with energetic new trap elements, to introduce Arabic culture and music to a global audience, similar to key international DJs such as DJ Snake and Major Lazer. His first track Arab Trap was created in 2018, under the label “Arab Trap One made in Egypt”, he shook the trap scene by receiving a very positive reception which earned him his place in the top 3 and the 5 place on several Trap rankings. . He used his honed skills in music production to create a new subgenre of “Arab Trap”. He began to be known as the “Arab Trap King”, earning his place among the industry’s elite.

A flexible DJ with an ear for hip-hop, afro and especially trap music, he first arrived in Dubai in 2010. He began to gradually introduce himself to the Dubai club scene, developing a quality complete and versatile as a DJ. In 2013, he entered Pioneer’s DJ Middle East Championship, winning first place at a young age and capturing the attention of the whole scene with his upbeat style, unique spirit and genuine energy. Kaboo soon began finding himself DJing for bigger international artists such as rap and pop stars Drake, Rihanna and Arab superstar Mohamed Ramadan. Having been the official DJ for Rihanna’s Fenty Dubai launch party in 2018 and becoming the official DJ for Mohamed Ramadan in 2021. The newly developing music festival scene in the Middle East has been a lively new opportunity for Kaboo, he allowing him to fully express himself through his music which has come to life with the nature of festivals providing greater production value associated with live entertainment. This was only made worse by his performances with Mohamed Ramadan, ushering in a new era in musical entertainment in the Middle East, with Kaboo declaring that “Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt will be the new hub of the festival scene and these types of performances, especially for DJs, artists and rappers from the Middle East”.

Kaboo’s efforts to explore and develop his style throughout his years of ascending the Dubai music scene as a DJ and producer ultimately led to this new stage in his career. This step reinforced his feeling that, as he said, “It’s my time!” It made me believe more in what I’m doing and this step with Marvel feels like a new step in my life and the new songs I’m putting out.” Ultimately, Kaboo is one of the rising stars of the region’s music scene, now is the time to introduce the rich flavor of the Middle East to the world!

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