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“Doctors have advised Randhir Kapoor not to travel by helicopter,” says producer Rahul Mittra of the state’s CM Perna Khandu 50th Anniversary Celebration – Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News

Randhir Kapoor did not attend the launch in North East India of the Raj Kapoor book launch held today as part of Arunachal Pradesh’s 50th anniversary celebration. The creator of ‘Arjun’ and ‘Betaab’ Rahul Rawail, who wrote the book in question, Raj Kapoor-The Master At Work, was however present. Sanjay Dutt and Imtiaz Ali are also part of the celebration. Rahul Mittra, who recently directed “Torbaaz” with Dutt, is the state brand advisor. PA CM Perna Khandu and Assembly Speaker Dorjee Sona were also present and will also be present tomorrow.

Confirming Randhir’s absence, Mittra shared Randhir’s message that aired during the event. “It was Randhir’s birthday on February 15. He was a bit overexcited and tired. The doctors advised him not to travel, especially by helicopter.”

Randhir said in his post that he had a minor health issue so he could not attend. The lead actor, however, has promised to come to AP at some point once he is well. Watch the video of Randhir’s message below:

ETimes brings you a photo of Mittra, Imtiaz and Rawail traveling by helicopter from Mumbai to Itanagar. The trip took place yesterday, in the afternoon.

Mittra said Rawail liked flying in helicopters, but was a little leery of the idea at first. “Rawail was actually paranoid. All the chopper shots in his movies are shot by his assistants. He came at my insistence and continued to enjoy the plane ride.” Here are some more photos from the meetings:

Sanjay Dutt was recently in the United States. The main actor will land in Guwahati by charter plane and from there to Itanagar by helicopter, to fly to the AP celebration. Mittra and Dutt will talk about drug addiction tomorrow and will return to Mumbai together on February 21. Dutt is the AP brand ambassador.

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Imtiaz Ali had a lecture on “Cinema, History and Reality” today.

Mittra lost her mother a few days ago. The AP function was a commitment he had to keep. “She developed dementia, followed by heart disease. My brothers and I buried the ashes in Haridwar. She looked after me on my own after my father died in a plane crash when I was n I was only 16,” added Mittra.

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“Tomorrow we will also have a big musical concert by Zubin Nautiyal which will take place in the presence of a large crowd and many high-ranking ministers,” Mittra concluded.