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Do you remember the Boerboel “Two-Tone” brand? Now there’s an outrageous music video – 2oceansvibe News

[imagesource: Facebook / Boerboel Wear]

Credit should be given where credit is due.

Boerboel Wear calls itself “a proudly South African brand offering authentic and fun fashion, from WYS JOU VLEIS to GOOI MIELIES, leisure and lifestyle. We simply love Khaki!

This verifies.

Over the past three years or so, when brand marketing first gained viral attentionhe really leaned into the “joke” and embraced the two-tone.

The Facebook ‘About’ section of the Boerboel profile states that they are having ‘lots of fun (with you) on our…journey to make persimmon king with you’.

Here is Cape Town, etc.:

The ‘Jans’ came together after Donovan Goliath (the host of Real Goboza) shared a photo of the ‘Backstreet Boers’ in 2019. They were just a few models strutting around in the colors of the khaki kingdom at the time, until Goliath’s Twitter post about them saw him asking his followers to “name the rap group”. It was the joke that gave birth to an idea.

They actually became a band, and one of them set out to create music and visuals that tannies and boere-kit lovers are sure to love, and the rest of Mzanzi can enjoy with. pride in South Africa.

Yes, there is now a music video celebrating the “two-tone lyf‘ and he’s a marketing genius.


Good luck trying to explain that to a stranger.

The music video was released on March 31 and was trending this morning:

It’s now at number 19. I don’t know what that says about our musical tastes as a nation, but hey, fair play to Boerboel and the Jans.

This video still has a long, long way to go before it rivals “Wys jou Vleis”, which has over seven million views: