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DJ & Music Producer: Paranox Aka Parakh Mathur Drops His Brand New Hip-Hop Track, “Tesla”

DJ and music producer Paradox aka Parakh Mathur teamed up with Mumbai-based rapper Poetik Justis for this song and developed massive intrigue and excitement among music lovers.

Amazing are all these stories of people who offer others something to learn and be inspired by. These success stories are all about pure skill, relentless passion and drive, resilience and tenacity, say some experts. The world of music, which is considered a world in its own right, giving birth to phenomenal musical artists all over the world, has produced many such talented beings every year, but the kind of insane momentum and success that the music producer and DJ Paranox (originally Parakh Mathur) created has turned heads and how. He is an award-winning music producer who has excelled beyond industry boundaries.

He is now making more headlines thanks to his brand new hip hop track “Tesla“, which he created by teaming up with Poetik Justis, a well-known rapper based in Mumbai. This track has already created a lot of intrigue and excitement among listeners and music lovers, and now they want these artists Incredible offers a lot more of these amazing tracks. The 28-year-old boy from Bhopal, as a top music producer and DJ, says Tesla is a unique song that just like his other songs stands out. is about the hustle and bustle of an artist and the reality of so-called artists these days who only make music for temporary notoriety.

Also previously, with one of his songs, “Punjabi Tadka,” DJ and music producer Paranox won hearts, earning over 1.4 crore views and appearing on the world’s biggest reality show, “ America’s Got Talent”, representing India. He has remained one of the most promising and award-winning music professionals in the industry, whose music has been released and featured on platforms including Vh1, Zee Music Company, BBC Asian Network and Rolling Stones India.

His performances at music and college festivals have been the most sought after over the years, and even in the midst of the pandemic he had released three songs, during which he learned the importance of creating distinctive music infused with different styles of music and sounds that can offer uniqueness to people.

With Tesla, he wants to motivate and inspire more and more musicians and musical artists to focus only on their respective paths and to constantly chase after excellence to ultimately succeed in their paths.