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DJ & Music Producer MAJIN With New Music Video “Sukoon” Creates “Peace” In Listeners’ Hearts

Sukoon creates a very relatable vibe among listeners and music lovers and is therefore increasingly loved by many.

There are tons of talented beings working in various industries around the world, showcasing their A game in whatever they choose to do in their respective niches. But, what sets many of them apart from the rest is their resilience and the uniqueness they offer to their target demographic in their niches, which helps them chart their own path to success and growth. growth. Doing that in the music world is a whole different task, but emerging DJs and music producers like MAJIN have done it. MAJIN did and is now making even more headlines with his latest music video, “Sukoon.”

Sukoon conveys very well the brilliance with which he creates music and the passion he has for his craft. He says that Sukoon is an explanation of the inner emotions belonging to someone who had those feelings while being loved by others or a special person, which makes it a more relatable song where more and more people are already vibrating. . It’s about missed opportunities that people should have seized at the right time in their journey. MAJIN, who poured his heart and soul into creating great beats as a DJ and music producer, knew what this unique song could offer people, helping them become one with the song and giving them the inner “peace” they all need, making the new music video all the more newsworthy in the industry today.

MAJIN is a true blue Indian talent currently residing in New Zealand. His versatile sound and style give him an edge over others, where his music tracks as a musician are influenced by Diplo, Dillon Francis and Party Favor. His previous tracks like Talaash and Batein also exuded his vibrant energy and groovy vibe, where his tracks were played by various radio channels like edge powered iHeart Radio, Radio One India and Radio City.

MAJIN thinks there are many things he is excited to bring to his listeners in the coming years.