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Disney Announces Wish, a New Animated Feature for the Company’s 100th Anniversary [D23]

Asha is the one who wishes for a star, and low and behold, a star actually comes out of the sky to aid her in her mission. We’re talking about a chubby little star with tiny arms and feet and a spike on its head. Now, while Star is magical, there’s a limit to what he can do. The bigger the wish, the harder the journey, and it looks like Asha is going to make a pretty big wish.

Alan Tudyk (“Firefly”, “Rogue One”) is in the film, playing a goat in pajamas named Valentino. Tudyk was on hand to show test footage of Star interacting with the goat. Star sprinkles stardust on Valentino, who is surprised to hear himself speak. So surprised, in fact, that he went stiff and fell, as frightened goats are likely to do, as you well know if you’ve been scrolling on TikTok for more than three minutes.

“Wish” will be a musical (of course it will be) and the songs are written by Grammy-winning songwriter Julia Michaels, known for writing hit songs for Dua Lipa, Pink and more. others. DeBose was on hand to sing one of those songs, titled “More for Us,” which our man on the ground says is very much in classic Disney style.

“Wish” is slated for release in 2023, which will mark Disney’s 100th anniversary. They crown their first 100 years of magic with a movie called “Wish”, don’t you think?