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Disney Announces Opening Date for All-New ‘Finding Nemo’ Show at Animal Kingdom

Disney has announced the opening date for the new version of Animal Kingdom The world of Nemo– thematic show this morning!

As promised by Disney at the end of April, the brand new version of the previous Nemo show inside Dinoland USA’s Theater in the Wild opens this summer! Animal Kingdom will welcome guests to its first performance on June 13 at the same location !

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Credit: Disney Parks

In a video uploaded Friday morning by Disney Parks, Cast Members can be seen rehearsing for the new show which is inspired by PIXAR’s. The world of Nemo and Finding Dory. Some things are the same and some things are wonderfully different in the new theatrical adaptation of the timeless tales of Nemo and Dory.



See you at Finding Nemo: The Big, Blue and Beyond on June 13! 🐠🫧 #Disney #DisneyParks #Disney world #Animal Kingdom #The world of Nemo #Musical #Nemo

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The caption reads ”Sea’ you at Finding Nemo: The Big Blue and Beyond June 13!

The new show features incredible props, including a 32-foot-long sunken submarine and a fish tank that is nearly 15 feet tall! The show also features new songs, but a few of the songs have been carried over from the original show which features cleverly camouflaged cast members alongside huge PIXAR puppets.

New Finding Nemo Musical Update Coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park in 2022 |  Disney Parks Blog

Credit: Disney Parks

Last fall, news surfaced about the possible closure of the The world of Nemo – Musical comedy live show at disney Animal Kingdom. On social media, performers from the guests’ favorite show began exchanging goodbyes. Disney fans of all ages feared the worst – that there would be no more The world of Nemo show off Disney Live Entertainment at the Wild State Theater in Animal Kingdomby Dinoland USA

On November 20, during the Destination D23 celebration held in the Walt disney World Seaside resort, it was announced that the new show was heading to Disney’s Animal Kingdom around 2022, and Disney even revealed the name of the new show: The world of Nemo: The Big Blue . . . and beyond!

No date has been announced at this time, but things are moving forward, uh. . . swimming, and Nemo, Dory and the gang can’t wait to welcome everyone on June 13! We’ll see each other there!