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Dionysus Theater Company is back in force at the premiere of “Your Mother’s Quarantine”

By George Tserdanis.

“Your Mother’s Quarantine,” written by Maria N Kitra, adapted by Lucy Miller and directed by Vagelis Houliaras, premiered Saturday night to a packed house, rave reviews and a smash hit. A must.

The play is the sequel to last year’s comedy hit, “Your Mother’s Pension,” and it didn’t disappoint. Each character’s performances were full of color and energy and the delivery of every line on point.

Theatrically, comedy is technically one of the most difficult genres as it depends on timing and delivery and Dionysus Theater Company has perfected comedy.

Comedy on stage. Photo: The Greek Herald/George Tserdanis.

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Although this is a sequel, nothing is lost for an audience that didn’t see last year’s play. In the first part, the play ends with an “all’s well that ends well”, with George and Maria Skapoularas finally huddled alone in peace in their house.

However, as the curtain rises on the sequel, what unfolds with each character shows how the “happy ending” for each character in the first play quickly unfolds with seamless reference to the previous play for the benefit of those who don’t. haven’t seen the premiere.

Photo: The Greek Herald/George Tserdanis.

There is uncertainty about a new virus called “Covid” circulating around the world. Each character has their own reason for secretly returning to the Skapoularas house, unbeknownst to the other members of the house, when, without warning, a strict and immediate “quarantine” is imposed on everyone, with all random characters trapped together under one goofy roof.

It’s a piece that will make you laugh a lot, but also something that all of us will relate to after recently experiencing all the ramifications of COVID and quarantine. It’s good to put all of that behind us as we recount and laugh at the parodies of “Your Mother’s Quarantine” and audiences did just that, with many saying they’ll be back.

The cast after the play. Photo: The Greek Herald/George Tserdanis.

At the opening of each season, Dionysus Theater presents its Best Actor award for the previous year’s production. This year the award went to Christine Gazepis Stavropoulos for her colorful and highly comedic role as “Loula” – a role she once again pursues in this play and has become a favorite with that unique “voice and laughter”. of his character.

The piece also comes with excellent surtitles (played at the top of the set, as opposed to subtitles, played at the bottom).

Photo: The Greek Herald/George Tserdanis.

The actors are Vageli Houliaras, Maria Houliaras, Dimitris Daviskas, Maria Georgopoulos, Christine Gazepis Stavropoulos, Polyzois Patelis, Michael Sinemoglou, Dimitra Salahoris-Yanez, Florentia Antzoulatou, Kostas Roditis, Peter Psomas, Manos Katris, Anna Bilalis and Lucy Miller as the voice of the TV host, Tremoulini.

Session times are Saturday 7:30 p.m. and Sunday 5:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased directly at or by phone on 0418 212 611.