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Detroit Lakes School District welcomes 37 new staff to its team – Detroit Lakes Tribune

DETROIT LAKES — At the school board’s monthly meeting on Monday, Aug. 22, the board approved the hiring of 37 staff members, the resignation of 17, and extended the superintendent’s contract for three years.

Superintendent Mark Jenson advised council that district-wide enrollment “looks good for the most part.”

With solid enrollment that the administration is counting heads to see if sections can be added, Jenson noted that providing adequate staff for the district was a “whirlwind.”

A job fair was held which attracted several job applicants resulting in hiring in the district. Jenson said teaching staff are set, but support staff are still needed.

Rossman Elementary welcomed five staff members and Roosevelt Elementary brought in seven. The middle school saw four staff members join the team and the high school had two additions. The district has also hired through the early childhood family education program, food service, and after-school activities.

The exterior of the building, outside the main office. (File photo)

Rossman welcomes five staff members

At Rossman Elementary, five staff members were hired, one resigned and four changed their assignments.

The new hires were special education paraprofessional Ashley Baker ($16.30 per hour) and Latchkey aide Taelor Kuhn ($15 per hour). Chelsea Christianson, Carissa Dahlen and Cassie Kippen were hired for alternative delivery of special education services and lunch service ($15.25 per hour).

Staff changing their posting included teachers Briana Bahr, Kristi Downey, Fletcher Nelson, Kristi Paulson, Benjamin Pedersen and Kacey Wood.

Bahr, who was teaching fourth grade, will now be a STEAM teacher. STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math, which is often taught in a hands-on, laboratory-based learning environment. Pedersen will transition from teaching STEAM to fourth grade. Another change in fourth grade will be Wood, who is moving to teach third grade.

Downey traded his freshman degrees to begin teaching second graders, while Nelson moved from third to fourth grade and Paulson from first to kindergarten.

In the resignation category, Tara Amundson, a special education paraprofessional, resigned.

Roosevelt Elementary Main.JPG

Students at Roosevelt Elementary School will welcome seven new staff members to start the school year. (File photo)

Roosevelt Elementary brings seven on board

At Roosevelt Elementary, seven staff members were hired and three quit. New faces in the room will include Brandi Davidson, Nicole Nelson, Mason Sampson, Diane Lanoue, Ashley Moe, Kelly Malstrom, Stacie Fulmer and Diane Lanoue.

Nelson has been hired as a special education teacher ($64,003 salary), Davidson and Lanoue will work as Title 1 assistants and noon duty supervisors ($15.25 per hour). Malstrom will also work as a Title 1 Assistant and Midday Service Supervisor, as well as a Latchkey Assistant ($16.30 per hour). Sampson joined the team as supervisor Latchkey ($21 an hour).

Moe and Fulmer will join the special education paraprofessional team ($15.60 per hour and $16.80, respectively)

Dona Rosell, Media Center Specialist, Brigette Kellenberger, Special Education Teacher, and Shauna Moran, Special Education Para, bid farewell to Roosevelt Elementary.

DL Middle School.JPG

Detroit Lakes Middle School has hired four staff members to start the school year. (File photo)

Detroit Lakes Middle School adds four to the squad

The college hired four staff members, asked four staff members to change their assignments, and reported five resignations.

Garrett Jensen, Samantha Goodwin, Macaylee Qual and Courtney Chezik will be the new faces in the halls.

Jensen was hired to teach sixth-grade science and social studies ($58,819 salary), while Goodwin is an administrative assistant ($17.26 per hour) and Qual is a special education paraprofessional ( $16.30 per hour). Chezik, a special education paraprofessional, was also added to the team ($15.60 per hour).

Staff members Tracy Gunderson, Christi Lokken, Jenna Pipek and Tiffany Stevens changed jobs at the college.

Pipek will transition from teaching sixth grade science and social studies to language arts.

Lokken, a student support services paraprofessional, according to the district’s website, will transition from working with students who have developmental cognitive disabilities to those with emotional or behavioral challenges.

Gunderson increased her hours as a paraprofessional and Stevens, also a paraprofessional, changed her college assignment to Lincoln Education Center.

At Detroit Lakes Middle School, there were five resignations, including: sixth grade teacher Shea Maisonneuve, special education paraprofessional Gena Johnson, food service employees Holly Moes and Kimberly Kjono and Chris Hohnadel, caretaker .

Detroit Lakes High School (file photo)

Detroit Lakes High School prior to recent building renovations. (File photo)

The school will have two new teachers for the start of the school year

The school welcomed two teachers for the coming school year: Jessica Blasczyk and Joseph Bower.

Blasczyk has been hired to teach freshman science ($35,944 salary) while Bower will teach Ojibwa/Native studies ($44,258 salary).

The high school saw a resignation from Sandra Hedstrom, a paraprofessional.

District-wide additions noted

The school district also saw three food service workers added to the team, a driver and a director of community education.

Andrew Lesch was hired as the director of community education ($75,000 salary), while Jon Klapotz was hired as the Laker Transitions Type III driver ($18.33 per hour). Mary Lee ($16.40 per hour), Sandra Westrum ($17.09 per hour), and Dennis P. Lachowitzer ($18.33 per hour) joined the food service team.

The school board also approved a three-year contract with current superintendent Mark Jenson. His salary starts at $168,000 for the first year of the contract, then sees a 1.79% increase to a salary of $171,000. The contract ends with Jenson receiving $174,000 (a 1.75% increase over the previous year).

Jenson’s new contract begins July 1, 2023 and ends June 30, 2026.

When the board voted on the contract, to mark their approval, the motion received a third and a fourth.

ECFE welcomes two staff members

The early childhood family education service experienced three resignations and two hirings.

Marcia Singh and Jennifer Mitchell, both ECFE assistants, and paraprofessional Angel Weidenbach have quit.

Krystie Crawford and Jessica Gibson were hired as paraprofessionals at the rate of $15.60 and $15.95 per hour, respectively.

3621347+Football 1.jpg

The men’s soccer program will have a new varsity assistant coach for the upcoming season. (File photo)

Activity additions include assistant music directors, college coaches

There has been a small shake-up in athletic and activity coaching positions as the school board has accepted resignations and approved hires.

On the gridiron, Mark Whiting and Mitchell Benson were brought in as first-year coaches (contracts for $3,344 and $2,966, respectively).

The high school women’s tennis program will welcome Ashley Hoehne as a new assistant coach ($3,027 contract).

Michael Larson has joined the men’s varsity soccer program as an assistant coach ($3,027 contract).

Jennifer Burnside will be the Knowledge Bowl coach for the upcoming season ($2,082 contract).

The high school musical has announced a few dates. Mark Quamme will serve as choreographer ($800 contract) and assistant musical director ($1,873 contract). He will be joined by Megan Hovinen, who was hired as assistant director ($3,747 contract) for the play.

In college, Connor Yamane joined the men’s soccer program as an assistant coach ($2,966 contract), while Courtney Skarie and Christine Karlgaard dived as swimming and diving coaches ($3,027 contracts). $ and $2,914, respectively).

There were also four coaches who resigned. In college, football coaches Matt Huberty and Sam Bergren quit, as did swimming coach Courtney Skarie. Women’s tennis assistant coach Zach Biggar has also quit.