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Dead & Company Offers Refunds to COVID-Wary Fans for Cancun Festival

The group Dead & Company is offering a break to fans who have doubts about attending the Playing in the Sand festival in Mexico next month. The shows will continue as planned, but the band and the festival promoter have put together a brief window where ticket holders keen to travel during the omicron wave can get a full refund.

Deadheads don’t have too much time to think about it, however. Refund requests are only processed until 5 p.m. ET on New Years Eve, when the window will close.

The sold-out Playing in the Sand rally is scheduled to take place in Cancun from January 7-10 and January 13-16.

The cash back offer represents an attempt to compromise at a time when promoters, especially those offering travel packages, are besieged by fans who want exceptions made amid the resurgence of COVID to what are generally strict and prompt no-refund policies. Many concerts and festivals are postponed amid omicron uncertainty, and the industry is seeing higher than usual no-show rates at shows that go on.

Festivals that require tour packages to attend are of greater concern to many fans as they consider air travel and hotel stays as well as the prospect of crowds. So far, CID Entertainment only offers refunds for Dead & Company engagement. Other artist-led festivals the company is considering in Mexico include a four-night Luke Bryan event January 19-22, Hootiefest: The Big Splash January 26-29, a three-night engagement Dave Matthews / Tim Reynolds February 2. 18-20, and a four-night Phish event February 20-23.

“Dead & Company is the ONLY artist currently offering general refunds for CID events,” group representatives said. The statement noted that the group – an offshoot of the original Grateful Dead, led by John Mayer – are safety-conscious and have been at the forefront of requiring proof of vaccination while on tour in the summer. last before Live Nation and AEG decide to make this or negative testing an industry standard in most states. “As you know, Dead & Company has always had strict COVID protocols and these will not only continue in Mexico, but even more security measures have been put in place,” reads an email sent. to the fans.

In announcing the payback window, representatives of Dead & Company highlighted the measures taken in conjunction with the festival – as well as the inherent conditions, such as the fact that the beach for concerts has breezes averaging 15 mph. In a list of updates related to Playing in the Sand, spokespersons for the group said all staff will need to wear KN95 masks and be tested daily in addition to being fully immunized; and guests should mask themselves when not eating in indoor public areas. Guests who test positive for COVID upon arrival or prior to departure will receive free quarantine rooms. Additionally, in an effort to prevent attendees from leaving the resort and mingling with the unvaccinated, “all offsite adventures hosted by CID Presents have been canceled and will be automatically refunded.”

A form sent to pass holders seeking a refund must be submitted by 5 a.m.ET on Friday, with refunds to be processed to credit cards initially used within 60-90 days. “No refunds will be made after the deadline, and by choosing not to be refunded, you are choosing to keep your original purchased package,” reiterated the email.

Rolling Stone reported on Wednesday that Dead & Company and CID had come under considerable pressure from fans to revise their non-refundable policies amid the wave of viruses, taking as an example a 68-year-old New Yorker named Bob Kleinman who had bought a $ 15,000 package for himself. and his family, but had been told he was out of luck if he was too scared to go now.

A petition titled “Providing refund options for all ticket holders playing in the ’22 sand” had more than 2,000 signatures by the time the refund window was announced on Wednesday afternoon. “The packages were purchased 9 months ago and the climate for COVID has changed. Mexico has little or no COVID restrictions, ”the petition says.