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Dave releases brand new track Starlight

Dave directed the video for the single with Nathan Tettey.

Dave released his first music of 2022, the brand new track Stars light.

It follows his second album We’re All Alone in This Together which, after the victory of the first LP Psychodrama, was also nominated for the Mercury Prize last year.

“It’s a criticism though that parts for big names are sometimes phoned in with the return of a co-production credit, but it’s one that smartly goes off here; the jazzy, Jamaican flavors of the WizKid system, with a safe and relaxing space, while Snoh ​​Allegra helps create another perfectly executed musical twist on Law Of Attraction’s sophisticated pop,” reads our review.

“It’s a mood, but brief. There’s as much conflict here as guards dropped, the juxtaposed opening We’re All Alone finding the wary protagonist guilty for what he’s taking from a life those around him can’t trust, a shopping list of sins that includes pausing to direct potential suicide to answers that don’t match any issues.

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