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DARE Collective is Launceston’s newest theater company | Examiner

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A new theater company has sprung up in Launceston and is eager to forge its own path to productions. DARE Collective founder Matt Taylor said the idea for the company arose out of necessity when his taste for theater and the pushing boundaries work he wanted to produce was not aligned with other companies. from the city. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” he said. READ MORE: From Craft Brewery to Head Brewer: A Launceston Resident’s Journey Taylor is a Tasmanian artist and graduated in 2018 from the National Institute of Dramatic Art with a Masters of Fine Arts in Setting on stage. At NIDA, he gained experience in design work, puppetry, filmmaking, circus, opera, musical theater, design, and olfactory / sensory experimentation. After graduating, Taylor worked in Sydney before returning to Launceston where he likes to take risks with content and style. “One of the things that made me want my own independent business was that it would give me the freedom to do whatever I wanted. I didn’t start with a subscriber base or limits that I had to argue with, ”Taylor said. “A lot of companies have their relationships with theater, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but in a way it limits them. By creating DARE, I wanted to have this ability to take risks.” Taylor said one of the tricky parts of building a theater company is deciding who the primary target audience is, but he knows he wants DARE to be about a collective of people. “My ultimate [dream] for DARE is the ability to bring anyone to the theater for a particular show, but that can make it difficult to choose shows, ”he said. no home to begin with, but will use already existing locations around Launceston until the company has the capital to have its own space. Taylor said he was hopeful that when the company launched its first show it would be a success, but it was a difficult start. Blueberry Play was slated to be the first show, but had two postponements as a result of events outside of the company’s hands. “We still have the rights, we still have the place, but we don’t have dates because and we are waiting for the redesign process,” he said. “I hope [when it does go forward] it allows people to see what DARE Collective is and to know that we are going to produce some exciting and interesting stuff. As the business grows, Taylor said he hopes he will be able to get to the point where he will pay his artists for their work. What DARE wants to do is ultimately to become a professional company and a company that pays salaries to our actors, ”he said. The public can expect, once the business is established, that the seasons will be announced and a range of works performed. What do you think ? Send us a letter to the editor: