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Cuban singer, producer and promoter Suylen Milanés has died

Suylen, one of three daughters from the marriage of Pablo Milanes and Yolanda Bennet, had had a long career in music in her 50s and had made a name for herself in the Cuban cultural world.

“It is with deep regret that we learned today of the passing of Suylen Milanes, an exceptional performer and music producer. We say goodbye to this passionate, enterprising and talented woman. Lots of light for his soul,” EGREM wrote on Twitter.

The artist had been hospitalized since last Thursday in an intensive care unit at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Havana, and since his admission he has been diagnosed with serious brain damage and an “irreversible” prognosis, it was reported. family sources.

The news immediately spread to independent digital media and social media, where wishes for his health to improve multiplied.

Suylen Milanes was considered a tireless and prodigal creator, who bet on national alternative music, especially electronic music and Afro-Cuban songs.

She was president and organizer of the Cuban electronic music festival “Eyeife”, which flooded its headquarters in Almendares Park in Havana every year. His latest releases were held online due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In 2009, Suylen took over the management of the Bureau des Propositions, attached to the cultural institution PM Records founded in 1998 by his father, an initiative from which the musical, discographic and audiovisual productions, the design and production of advertising campaigns, the development of visual identities and the organization of events in general, among other services, are carried out.

At the same time, the dynamic artist was the main voice of the sessions of the musical group Yarini, with Daima Falcón (choir), Hansel Arrocha (guitar), Yandiel Cruz (bass), Diana Ruz and Pedro Gutiérrez (drums).

She has also collaborated with the Tesis de Menta group, among others. She was also the creator of the Somos project, which brought together seven female entrepreneurs in various fields of the musical universe: businesswomen, producers, singers, composers, sound engineers, dancers and directors.

Milanés explained in an interview that with this project she intended to “shed light” on the role of women through the staging, training and awareness of young women, “encouraging them to pursue their dreams”, creating a space where women and also men could promote alternative music on an equal footing.

In its 2020 version, the Eyeife festival, focused on the theme of women in music, with a large presence of female DJs, then its president explained that she wanted to add it to the Somos project.