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Conundrum Theater Company presents THE WILD PARTY at the Whitefire Theater

Burbank-based Conundrum Theater Company closes its season with a concert-style performance of Andrew Lippa’s Wild Party. The show opens on Friday June 17 with an additional performance on Friday June 24. Based on Joseph Moncure’s poem March, The Wild Party is a steamy, jazzy thriller from the prohibition era.

Lovers Queenie and Burrs decide to throw the party at their Manhattan apartment. After the colorful arrival of a multitude of guests living on the brink, Queenie’s wandering eyes land on a striking man named Black. As the decadence reaches its climax, Burrs’ jealousy erupts and sends him into a violent rage. Gun in hand and inhibitions dropped, Burrs turns against Queenie and Black. The gun is drawn, but who was shot?

The show’s production team consists of Matt Claiborne Karic (Director), Lisa Sedares (Music Director), Mike Bowers (Production Manager), Nikki Yates (Costume Designer), Bryan Snodgrass (Assistant Music Director), John Lucewich (lighting designer), and Kyle Critelli (sound designer).

The talented cast of Burbank and LA-area residents includes Whitney Kathleen Vigil (Queenie), Iah Bearden-True (Burrs), Omari Miller (Black), Nikki Yates (Kate), Christina Healy (Madelaine True), Luke Steinborn (Eddie), Bianca R. Turner (Mae), Jack Colyer (Oscar D’armano), Stefanie DeKalb (Phil D’armano), Mike Bowers (Sam), Adam Slemon (Max), Amberlee Clark (Nadine), Jayde Mora (Dolores), and Arden Agos, Taylor Burrows, Kyle Critelli, Angelique Fustukjian, Tayler Green, Malin Hayden, Jordan Kaiser, and Morgan Moessinger as a whole.

Tickets are $20 and are on sale now at the link below.

Conundrum Theater Company’s mission is to generate opportunities for experienced actors in traditional day jobs to create, produce and star in innovative, high-quality theater productions in Los Angeles County while creating a collaborative and diverse community. of writers and actors.

Content Warning: Coarse Language, Gun/Physical Violence and Sexual Content