Musical brand

Compile Heart teases a new Galapagos game and RPG Evolve Brand


Today, Compile Heart opened up another of its traditional teaser websites ahead of a new game reveal this week.

Compile Heart today opened another of its traditional teaser sites before the reveal of a new game.

The reveal comes with what appears to be a brand new, “Galapagos RPG Evolve”.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Galapagos RPG, it’s a brand that includes games like Arc of Alchemist, Dragon Star Varnir, Death End Re; Quest, Fairy Fencer F and Omega Quintet.

According to the trailer, which you can watch below, the game will be released on Weekly Famitsu Magazine on May 19, which is May 18 for most work.

The teaser video and website appear to have a musical theme, and the title of the teaser includes the words “Evolve: Mashup” in English.

The website also explains the concept of the new brand by mentioning that Galapagos RPG Evolve will offer new games never seen before by further evolving the Galapagos RPG brand.

At this time, no further indications have been given about the new game. We don’t know what platforms it will come to or when it will be released, but it will likely be some form of JRPG.

Of course, as soon as Famitsu is available digitally on May 18, you can find out all about the reveal here on emagtrends.