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Coffee with Samso: Cyprium Metals Ltd

Cyprium recently showed strong savings in the publication of its restart study for the Nifty copper mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Coffee with Samso Episode 132 is with Barry Cahill, Executive Director of Cyprium Metals Ltd (ASX:CYM).

The time has come for Cyprium Metals to set the Nifty Story theme. The release of the Restart Study is, in fact, the beginning of what is about to happen as the company progresses down the mining and delivery path of copper plate.

In this episode of Coffee with Samso, Barry explains how the Cyprium business will take shape in the next 18 months. The company plans to be in production in 2023 and that is effectively shaped by this study.

Barry shares with us how the story will unfold with all approval stages completed and being submitted. The copper mining process is not an arduous process, and funding at this stage for start-up should not be an issue.

On March 11, the company announced the following:

Nifty Copper Project Restart Study


  • Current copper price ~$4.60/lb
  • C1 oxide costs $1.91/lb and C3 costs $2.82/lb
  • Average production of 25,000 tpa of copper cathode
  • Production of oxide cathodes 146,100 tonnes of copper metal
  • Pre-production capital AUD149M
  • Positive engagement with financiers now accessing final study and extensive data room
  • NPV at 7% of 277 M AUD with an IRR of 37% (after tax)
  • Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) will include 2021 drilling and conversion of inferred resources
  • Oxide mine life 2023-29 at ~6.3 years (pre-MRE upgrade) with sulphide potential +20 years
  • Metallurgical testing confirms 85% recovery in Retreat and 90% in Oxide Pit material
  • Free cash flow AUD544M
  • Payback in 3 years
  • Regulatory approvals submitted and on track
  • Sulphide Heap Leach Metallurgy Testing Begins


  • Finalize project financing in Q2 2022
  • Update mineral resources and inventory in the pit, including expansion options
  • Complete funding and final government approvals after FID
  • Begin renovation and construction after funding and government approvals
  • Copper metal plate in the second half of 2023


00:00 Start

00:15 Presentation

00:58 Barry and the mineral resource.

03:45 The copper price margin.

05:06 Potential future life of mine.

07:18 The Nifty West Drilling

08:50 Seashells

10:48 The clever history of treatment

16:25 How big can Nifty resources grow?

18:10 What could derail the Nifty Story?

22:00 How does the Nifty Story compare to others on the market?

25:58 Environmental problems?

29:07 Why is Cyprium so cheap?

31:53 History repeats itself.

32:44 What are shareholders and potential investors looking at Cyprium?

35:50 Who are your peers?

36:48 The other projects? The total strategy.

41:05 The plan goes ahead.

44:55 No shortcuts in mining.

45:25 The case of harm reduction.

46:28 conclusion.


About Barry Cahill

Executive Director

Mr. Cahill is a mining engineer with over 30 years experience in exploration, mining and management. In particular, his experience spans the management of project development and construction, from exploration drilling to financing, commissioning and project development. He was Managing Director of Finders Resources Limited from 2013 until its takeover in 2018. Mr. Cahill previously served as Executive Director of several public companies, including Chief Operating Officer at Perilya Limited and Managing Director of Australian Mines Limited and of Norseman Gold Plc.

About Cyprium Metals Limited (Cyprium Metals Ltd (ASX:CYM))

Cyprium Metals Limited (ASX:CYM) is an ASX-listed company headquartered in Perth, WA, which is poised to become a mid-tier mining company and manage a portfolio of Australian copper projects to supply vital products, strong shareholder returns and lasting value. for our stakeholders.

Cyprus has projects with mineral resources of 200,000 tons of copper (Hollandaire 51.5 kt JORC 2012 and Nanadie Well 151.5 kt JORC 2004) and 100,000 ounces of gold (Hollandaire 28.8 koz JORC 2012 and Nanadie Well 74.2 koz JORC 2004) in the Murchison area, an established mining jurisdiction in Western Australia, which includes the Cue Copper project and the neighboring Nanadie Well Copper-Gold project.

Cyprium has put in place a highly skilled management team with significant equity investment, to target projects that have a copper mineral resource, with sulphide mineralization and high sulphide grade, as well as excellent upside potential. increase in the size of the mineral resource.

Project development will be optimized using low cost sulphide heap leaching, which is ideal for stalled projects, problematic mineralogy, lack of scale and/or difficult locations. Innovative processing solutions will be used with the aim of producing the final metal product on site to maximize value.

Cyprium pursues its strategy with all of its stakeholders, which includes employees, global markets, suppliers, shareholders, communities and government, which is based on integrity, cooperation, transparency and mutual value creation. .

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