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Christian Nodal buys his sixth form teacher a new car

nodal christian keeps its promises! Recently, the singer surprised one of his beloved childhood teachers. Nodal took to social media to share his teacher’s story Francisco Javier Gutierrez Sierra, and how he gave her a truck. Gutiérrez Sierra also announced the pleasant surprise, sharing a curious anecdote about the young Nodal.

In an interview for a local columnist called El Kuate de Caborca, Gutiérrez Sierra said he taught Nodal between 2010 and 2011 in Caborca, Sonora, when he was in sixth grade. One day he punished Nodal, and in retaliation, Christian scratched his car.


“When he was in sixth grade, I remember scolding him for something like work or homework. I imagine he got angry, annoyed or something, and out of mischief he scratched the car; it was not mine; it was my father’s. It was an old car, but it wasn’t the scratch (which bothered me), but what it did,” the teacher explained.

After realizing that Christian and some of his classmates were behind the scratching, Francisco went to speak to their parents and told them what they had done.

Christian Nodal de niño©FFrank Javier Gtz Sierra

Despite this action, Nodal’s teacher recognized his musical talent and supported him by singing in front of the whole school on Mother’s Day.

A few days after the performance at the festival, Nodal’s grandmother, Mrs. Silvia, called the teacher and told him about the promise her grandson had made. “It turns out that when he’s famous, he’ll buy you a car,” Gutiérrez Sierra recalled of Doña Silvia’s comments. The professor laughed, and to some extent it sounded like a tender gesture, but he never imagined it would come true.

Three Latin GRAMMYs later…

Over the years, Nodal’s career took off, garnering him three Latin GRAMMYs and seven Latin American Music Awards, and becoming one of the most recognizable voices in the industry. In the distance, the teacher was celebrating his student’s success and remembering with humor his childhood prank and the truck he had promised him. “Every time we remembered him, he made me laugh and said, ‘Ah, my car!’ But I did not imagine it. »

One of his work colleagues was Nodal’s ideal accomplice, and thanks to their support, the singer obtained the teacher’s credentials so that the vehicle would remain in his name. Nodal then FaceTimed his teacher and revealed he had a present for him.

Master Christian Nodal©FFrank Javier Gtz Sierra