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Chinese pop star Lay Zhang is Hublot’s new brand ambassador

A long-time Hublot watch collector and award-winning Chinese singer-songwriter, dancer, record producer and actor, Lay Zhang joins the Hublot family as a brand ambassador. Sharing a common passion for multicultural influences, Hublot and Lay Zhang make the perfect combination of fusion of art and style.

“As a multidisciplinary artist, Lay perfectly represents the values ​​of Hublot: First, Unique, Different. At Hublot, we believe in the importance of merging exceptional know-how and ambition, and we are always on the lookout for bold innovations. Lay’s dedication to performance and his fusion of traditional and modern make him a perfect ambassador for Hublot. We are delighted to welcome Lay to the family and look forward to new opportunities and expanding our horizons together,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

Zhang is well known for his unique and different take on the world of music and the performing arts. He can blend different identities using his many facets as a performer, dancer, singer, and actor, while combining Chinese culture with groundbreaking music and performance art. This unique vision has led him to become one of the hottest players in Asia. He is also one of the first Asian artists to present multiple identities on stage. Its musical style, “M-pop” or Mixed Mandarin pop music, aims to introduce Chinese culture to an international audience, thus fully embodying the DNA of Hublot’s Art of Fusion.

“I want to create a new and unique style by fusing modern music and dance with the cultural treasures that have existed in China for thousands of years. I always work with traditional elements from my homeland and I want to show it in a new light. Hublot is known for its pioneering innovation in watchmaking and its bold rethinking of tradition with a forward-looking mindset to reveal the unique charisma of its timepieces. We both want to push the boundaries of our respective fields. As a huge Hublot fan, I am honored to join the Hublot family,” says the young artist.

Image Courtesy: Hublot