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Casio Brings Transparent “Singing Robot” Speech Synthesis to the Bedroom Producer’s Fingertips –

The Casiotone CT-S1000V offers music producers next-generation vocoder technology.

As Casio Chief Marketing Officer Mike Martin puts it, the product will “give your music a new voice.” And after seeing the features, we can’t say they’re overselling it.

The CT-S1000V’s approach to text-to-speech is designed for the busy life of a producer on the go. No microphone is needed to maximize the defining qualities of the keyboard. By simply using the Casio Lyric Creator app, creators can type the lyrics they want into their phone and download them to their keyboard via USB.

Once in the system, musicians can perform their lyrics polyphonically using 22 unique singer settings to give the music a choral or robotic feel, among other textures. Voice Modes can be customized with an arsenal of effects and modulation knobs, leading to an endless number of stylistic choices.

The playback of the desired vocal texture also varies depending on two unique parameters: note mode and phrase mode. In note mode, producers have the ability to control the timing of each syllable and apply effects at the most granular level. In phrase mode, syllable synchronization unfolds at the cadence set by the artist in the Lyric Creator app.

Martin’s approach to using this mode specifically shows how fans of dance music can easily channel their love of Daft Punk’s “singing robot” effects directly into their creations. It’s easy to see how, with this advanced technology, the next “do things right“could be at the fingertips of an artist.

Casio’s CT-S1000V sells for $679.99 at music stores and on the company’s official website. website.