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Bullingdon hotel staff struggle to get lateral flow tests

A shortage of lateral flow testing makes daily testing difficult for hospitality workers.

People who work in the hospitality industry or in direct customer contact jobs are required to do daily testing to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

However, obtaining lateral flow tests is proving difficult for many workers in Oxford.

Some Oxford pharmacies say they haven’t had any side flow tests in stock in the past two weeks.

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Paul Williams, director of The Bullingdon concert hall, said staff were struggling to get tests. But really, he’s worried about what will happen when the students return to town.

Mr Williams said: “They don’t do the company ones anymore and the staff sometimes had a hard time reaching them to run the daily tests. We try to share them with each other to make sure everyone has access to them and tests them every day. ”

He added: “We’ve been so calm the past few weeks, I don’t know how recently it has been. But unless something is sorted out in the next few weeks for the return of all the students, there will be a problem in the future.

Soon, around 100,000 critical industry workers will have to undergo daily lateral flow testing starting Jan. 10, in a bid to address staff shortages.

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