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BTS’s SUGA is collaborating with PSY as a producer for the title track “That That” from “PSY 9th” which will be released on THIS date

On April 26, PSY released a teaser for the title track ‘That That’ produced by BTS’s SUGA and this surprising collaboration has everyone ready! The video shows PSY dressed in a fringed cowboy costume, running through a western-inspired setting. The melody already sounds good and stands out from the usual PSY discography. It will be released on April 29.

Previously, PSY released the highlights medley video for the regular 9th album ‘PSY 9th. The released video includes ‘9INTRO’, ‘Celeb’, ‘It’s Touching (Feat. Si Kyung Seong)’, ‘It was a deep night (Feat. Heize)’, ‘GANJI (Feat. Jessi)’, ‘Now (Feat. . Hwasa)’ )’, ‘Happier (Feat. Crush)’, ‘My Monday’, ‘Everyday’, ‘forEVER (Feat. Tablo)’, ‘To Tomorrow’s Me’, etc.

Like the image that contains the mood of each song and the appearance of the featured artist, the colorful personality of each of the 11 songs is felt and captivates the ears. A high level of perfection was predicted with only part of the sound source, raising expectations for the understatement. Information about the title track has yet to be released.

“PSY 9th”, as the name of the album means “PSY’s colorful 9th ​​album”, contains a total of 12 songs that resonate with the heart, from delicious PSY dance songs to songs with warm emotions. PSY will be releasing their regular 9th album “PSY 9th” at 2:30 PM IST on April 29.

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