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Bruce Springsteen Belfast club night offering free tickets to NHS staff

The world’s only Bruce Springsteen club night returns to Belfast this Friday.

Hungry Heart at the Empire, a night of celebrating the Boss with music and dancing, is offering free tickets to NHS staff as a small token of appreciation for what they do.

The touring club night was hosted by Hannah Summers, a Bruce Springsteen superfan who wanted to create a space for fans to enjoy the joy of his music.

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Hannah said: “I’m a huge Springsteen fan and hosted the party a few years ago after getting tired of never hearing Bruce Springsteen at a party!

“So I decided to start an evening where you only hear Bruce – 5/6 hours to be exact (which barely scratches the surface!).

“The evening is attended by fans of all ages and is a truly liberating feel-good evening, even non-Springsteen fans end up having a great time.

“We play the greatest hits, B-sides, live footage, rarities, and most importantly, no duplicates! It’s great little filler while waiting for a tour at Springsteen.”

Hannah blogs ‘Burgers and Bruce’ and met her idol in Belfast in 2013.

She added: “I live in Hastings but spent every summer growing up in Belfast with my grandparents so it’s always extra special to go there for a night.

“We hosted album launch parties for Bruce himself and during lockdown we held a 24 hour Springsteenathon from our living room – DJing Bruce for 24 hours non-stop. We raised £32,000 for an artwork charity!

“As a thank you to NHS staff, we’re giving employees free tickets – they just have to come to our site and email us with their ID.”

To purchase tickets or for more information on Hungry Heart, see here.

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