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Brand boosting Brand: How Davido’s signing by Wema Bank is a perfect fit

Do you remember late last year when Davido made a splash by raising 200 million naira from his fans and friends for his upcoming 29th birthday celebration?

Do you remember that he used the first digital bank, ALAT by WEMA, to mobilize the funds that he ultimately donated to orphanages?

Remember how soon after he was hired as a brand ambassador by Wema Bank, Nigeria’s leading digital financial institution?

He was a perfect example of a fitting brand ambassador.

Essentially, a brand ambassador is a brand spokesperson and representative. Therefore, he or she must embody the brand beyond mere name association and align with the brand personality. This is where the ALAT by Wema relationship with Davido is a perfect marriage between two brands that complement each other like hand in hand.

A perfect embodiment of Nigerian youth

ALAT (acronym for Aspirational, Limitless, Audacious and Timeless) and Davido are the perfect personification of Aspirational Nigerian youths who daily rise above the limits of their Bold dream of creating Timeless legacies.

The best of both worlds

Like Davido, ALAT is a pioneer and leader in its own space. ALAT by Wema is Africa’s first fully digital bank, and Davido is undoubtedly one of the leading African musical icons of the contemporary era.


ALAT offers a simple, reliable and convenient 360-degree digital banking experience with tailored solutions that support lifestyle choices, work demands and recreational activities. Similarly, Davido sets trends in Afro-beat and hip-hop culture for his millions of fans and followers around the world.

Youth favorites

Since its inception, ALAT has become the bank of choice for young Nigerians and entrepreneurs who see no barriers limiting their aspirations and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Digital Bank every day to pursue their audacious dreams of creating timeless legacies while living fully life like Davido.

winning DNA

Although of privileged origin, Davido has worked hard to achieve his current status. The 29-year-old has won over 50 awards and earned over 80 nominations in a decade of his career. ALAT by Wema also boasts dozens of local and international awards since its commissioning in 2016.

Dream Facilitator

The fundamental essence of the Wema Bank brand and by extension, ALAT is to enable lives and ways of life. Likewise, Davido is an enabler and supporter of dreams and aspirations. His consistency in supporting rising music stars and philanthropy are hallmarks of this generosity, as evidenced by the 250 million naira committed to orphanages in December, among others.

Timeless Excellence

Critical analysis will show that some of Davido’s core attributes, including his authenticity, his musical talents, his connection to the grassroots (relatability), and his entrepreneurial spirit combine to make his art timeless. These qualities align with those of Wema Bank, a 77-year-old institution that is constantly reinventing itself, just like the mythical phoenix, and which today is rapidly becoming the dominant innovation-driven financial institution, appreciated mainly by young people.

The brand ambassador has always been a crucial part of marketing. Wema Bank and Davido will do great things to elevate each other and by extension lift millions of ambitious young Nigerians above the limits of their audacious dreams of creating timeless legacies no matter what they do.