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Beverly Hills Cop 4 gets an exciting update from the producer

Beverly Hills Cop 4 receives an exciting update from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who confirms that the long-awaited sequel is about to begin filming.

After languishing in development hell for decades, Beverly Hills Cop 4 received an exciting update from producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Created by Daniel Petrie, Jr. and Danilo Bach, the action-comedy franchise centers on Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley, a Detroit police detective. Foley frequently finds himself drawn to the titular California town in hopes of finding those responsible for the murders of people closest to him.

Alongside Murphy, the cast of Beverly Hills Cop films included Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Ronny Cox, Paul Reiser and Gil Hill. The franchise has encompassed three films to date, the first of which won critical acclaim and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay and two Golden Globe nominations for Best Picture – Musical or Comedy and Best Actor for Murphy, while the latter two gradually earned worse reviews and less box office receipts. Given the film’s dedicated fans, Paramount has made multiple efforts to continue the franchise and now audiences are getting a promising update on the long-awaited film. Beverly Hills Cop 4.


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By speaking with discuss Top Gun: MaverickJerry Bruckheimer offered an exciting update for Beverly Hills Cop 4. The producer has revealed that the long-awaited sequel is finally moving forward and filming is about to begin. Check out what Bruckheimer shared below:

Well, we’re doing another Beverly Hills cop. We start this in a week or 10 days and it will be for Netflix.

Given that the film floundered in development for nearly 30 years, Bruckheimer’s confirmation that Beverly Hills Cop 4 is about to begin filming should be exciting news for those who can’t wait to see Murphy return as the fast-talking Axel Foley. Over the past few years, the film has made increasingly significant strides forward, with Netflix picking up the rights to both it and a potential Beverly Hills Cop 5 end of 2019 and bat girl the duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah being attached to the production at some point. Although the two left earlier this year due to scheduling conflicts, it has been confirmed that Mark Molloy will take over to direct. Beverly Hills Cop 4 and Aquaman co-screenwriter Will Beall attached to write the screenplay.

With Bruckheimer revealing that the filming of Beverly Hills Cop 4 will begin in the next week or two, it will be interesting to see if a release date is announced by Netflix in the near future. Since productions have progressed more smoothly since Murphy’s last legacy sequel, Coming 2 Americaand Netflix is ​​eager to ramp up its movie franchise efforts, it seems likely the long-awaited action-comedy could hit the streamer in late 2023 or early 2024. Until further details are announced, the public can review the original Beverly Hills Cop streaming trilogy on Paramount+ now.