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Beavis and Butt-Head, Sonic 3 and South Park – Paramount announces brand new slate of movies | Ents & Arts News

A Beavis and Butt-Head reboot, another Sonic sequel, and more South Park movies will hit screens soon, after Paramount announced their new slate of content.

The company, formerly known as ViacomCBS, will launch its streaming service in the UK later this year in partnership with Skyand will host a number of original shows and movies.

Paramount+ joins an increasingly crowded streaming market alongside Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, and will further test consumers’ appetites for premium original content.

South Park is getting a dozen new movies. Photo: primordial

In an effort to deliver content based on its own IP addresses, JJ Abrams’ Star Trek film franchise (which will be released in theaters first) will be getting a new addition, with former cast members Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto reportedly on board.

The live-action sequel to Sonic The Hedgehog hasn’t even been released yet, but a third movie has already been ordered by the streamer, as well as a series featuring Knuckles, voiced by Idris Elba.

SpongeBob SquarePants, the porous, yellow animated sponge who lives under the sea, is also getting several new movies based on the original characters.

Elsewhere, A Quiet Place III will be released within the next few years. The horror franchise starring Emily Blunt was written and directed by her husband and The Office star John Krasinski.

There’s also more Teen Wolf on the way, with the original cast reuniting for a new movie, as well as a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, produced by Seth Rogen.

Transformers is getting a new trilogy of films starring Hamilton actor Anthony Ramos, while retro adult cartoon Beavis And Butthead is getting a reboot alongside its entire library of shows made available.

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And speaking of adult cartoons, South Park will stream exclusively on Paramount+, alongside its dozen new original movies, which will be released twice a year until 2027.

Buried in the huge announcement is a prequel to Grease, with The Rise Of The Pink Ladies musical debuting on the platform, and an original movie based on Baby Shark.

Movies like Mission Impossible and Top Gun will also be placed on Paramount+, once they complete their cinematic runs, with the company retaining the rights to stream its content rather than selling it to Netflix or Amazon.