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Avril Lavigne’s gothic collaboration with “Occult Luxury” clothing brand Killstar includes a “Dreaded” barbed wire choker

Avril Lavigne rose to fame in the early 2000s with songs such as “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi.” She made waves with millions of fans due to her alternative style and skate punk personality, and over the years she was able to maintain her popularity by continuously releasing albums.

After her recent return to her punk roots, Lavigne is making headlines again – and with many fans eager to replicate her celebrity style, she’s opting for some surprising collaborations.

Avril Lavigne | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Variety

Most recently, Lavigne teamed up with clothing brand Killstar for an exclusive launch that invites fans to wear Lavigne-inspired looks.

Avril Lavigne is a style and music icon

Lavigne burst onto the music scene as a teenager with the single “Complicated.” Although she was very young, her sense of self and unique style made a strong impression on pop culture aficionados, and many rushed to copy Lavigne’s trademarks: streaky black and blonde hair, baggy pants and thick black eyeliner.

Even as Lavigne’s music made headlines, her personal life attracted considerable attention. She had several high-profile relationships, including her first marriage to Deryck Whibley from 2006 to 2010 and a second marriage to Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger from 2013 to 2015.

In March 2021, it was reported that Lavigne had started dating musician Mod Sun. The two have been together ever since, announcing their engagement in April 2022.

Avril Lavigne’s Recent Collab With Killstar Is Full Of Goth Inspiration

Lavigne has had a number of endorsements and product launches over the years, including several fragrances and even her own clothing line, Abbey Dawn, which launched at Kohl’s in 2008. Originally designed as a line for juniors , Abbey Dawn has gone through a number of updates over the years, incorporating some of Lavigne’s favorite styles, such as skulls and hot pink elements.

Lavigne’s latest collaboration is with clothing brand Killstar, which is advertised as an “occult luxury” brand on instagram. The collaboration was announced in summer 2022 and includes pieces such as a pink dress with a barbed wire pattern on it, a barbed wire choker, a long dress with a ribcage pattern and a pink suitcase in the shape of a skull. .

With a wide variety of clothing and accessories to choose from, the collection will appeal to anyone who wants to replicate Lavigne’s avant-garde punk look without breaking the bank. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Lavigne explained why she decided to collaborate with Killstar for the collection. “I would describe my KILLSTAR collection as a reflection of my style and the things I love,” the singer said.

“I’m so proud of this collection, and had so much fun working with the KILLSTAR team to bring it to life. I hope everyone enjoys it and makes it their own. She also admitted that some of her favorite pieces include the “Tomb Travel Suitcase, the Ribcage Maxi Dress and the Strummin Lingerie Set”.

What is Avril Lavigne doing these days?

Lavigne’s latest album, Love Suxwas released in February 2022, and Lavigne has been on the road almost continuously since then, touring and performing her new songs as well as all her familiar favorites.

Admittedly, she is still as successful as ever and with a net worth of around $60 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Lavigne’s multiple business ventures and musical endeavors have truly paid off. Although the Canadian-born singer-songwriter tends to stay away from the spotlight when she’s not performing, it’s clear her fans haven’t lost any of their love for her or her unique style. .

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