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Ashley Tisdale is launching a beauty brand inspired by her mental health journey

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It’s over with the old and with the new for Ashley Tisdale: the actor and singer has become the personal care line of mental health and wellness advocate, Being French, launches today. “All of this has been a long time coming,” Tisdale told SELF during an interview in Manhattan’s East Village. “It was one of my demonstrations. I had dreamed of having a Target range. I dreamed of doing something that helped people and made them feel good. I didn’t know what it was going to be, but it was my destiny.

The road to Being Frenshe was somewhat winding, but here’s the short version: In 2016, Tisdale was to launch Illuminate, a makeup line in collaboration with BH Cosmetics, and join the company as CEO. She doesn’t go into detail about what happened, but it didn’t work out, and the company firm in 2020. “It was a really difficult task. They were just red flags, of course,” she says. After that, his mental and physical health took a turn. “I had been under so much stress. I saw Western doctors and practitioners saying, ‘Something is wrong with me. I can’t sleep. I have insomnia. I’ve never experienced this. And they were all like, ‘This is anxiety.’ “

Tisdale goes on to say that although the idea of ​​anxiety and depression had “frightened” her for so long, her perspective changed after her diagnosis. “I was like, Oh, this is really, really beautiful to me,” Tisdale says. “I’m not just this surface, always positive, always happy. I have these deeper things about me. And I think that’s something that, instead of being afraid of it, I’m going, d okay, well, how do I use myself?”

Tisdale focused on her health and mental well-being. At the same time, she was hungry for a new creative outlet and eager to share her experience. So French, her blog, was born in 2020. While vacationing in Cabo, she thought of the name (a play on her husband’s last name, musician Christopher French). She looked it up on GoDaddy, saw the domain was free, and took it. “It felt good because there was no pressure on the products. There was no pressure on anything. It was really just to connect with people,” she says. (The first post she shared her decision to have her breast implants removed.) Two years later, Being Frenshe launched as an extension of her blog, inspired by the sensual rituals that keep Tisdale grounded. The first drop of products includes body wash, lotion, candles, fragrance oil, and more.

From the outside, it looks like Tisdale has undergone quite a transformation since she musical high school days. His Personal Instagram presence means personal care, beautiful interiors and soft, neutral colors. She has a one-year-old daughter, Jupiter, and lives in a home she designed herself, which was recently featured in Architectural Summary. Has it changed over the last 10 or 15 years? “I’m not completely different,” Tisdale says. “I just worked a lot on myself.” What are her favorite wellness trends? “I don’t see wellness as a fashionable thing,” she says with conviction. “I want people to embrace this way of life the way they want to live it. That’s what Being French is about.