Musical brand

Are the brand’s musical logos a respite from visual clutter?

Vim, Zomato, HDFC Bank, MG Motors have recently created separate sound identities.

Sonic brand agency, BrandMusiq recently developed a sound identity for HUL’s Vim dishwasher brand. The new music logo (MOGO) aims to connect with consumers on an emotional level and engage them more deeply with the brand by creating a strong sonic asset.

“Brands are now realizing the importance of creating a distinct sonic identity for themselves. This has been further driven by the vast amount of visual clutter and screen fatigue that audiences are exposed to these days. ‘Audio and sound have become important to brands,’ says Rajeev Raja, Founder and Soundsmith, BrandMusiq.

Historically too, consumers associate different brands with specific sounds. However, Raja believes these were limited only to the sounds used when advertising the brands. Whereas when a brand creates a sound identity, it goes much deeper into the values ​​of the brand and its essence.

According to Raja, “BrandMusiq’s approach is to look at a scientific and strategic way in which music can trigger the emotions that resonate with a particular brand persona. It’s not something that will only last for the duration of a particular campaign, but which will last throughout the course of the brand, just like its logo.

When BrandMusiq works on a particular brand, it marks all possible audio points that the brand can be heard. These potential consumer touchpoints have increased significantly from five years ago. Today, a brand is heard not only on television, but also in the digital space, including social media, digital content, websites, and more.

Brands in all categories are planning to create music logos. Raja informs that in the beginning, many players in the financial services category like HDFC Bank, MasterCard Global. Above all, with the increased reliance on digital payments, it’s good to have audio insurance.

Another category of brands includes delivery apps like Zomato. Driver location audio alerts seamlessly integrate with the app. Therefore, the user may not have to follow it across the screen all the time.

More and more FMCG brands are also realizing that they can no longer ignore digital audio support. BrandMusiq has already worked with three HUL brands, Raja informs.

BrandMusiq has created and managed sound identities for several other brands, including Vistara Airlines, Raymond, Kraft, Nestlé, Blue Band, MG Motors, and Reliance Petroleum, to name a few.

BrandMusiq recently launched BrandMusiq Labs, to study the fundamental nature of sound and its effects on human beings at emotional, physiological and neurological levels.

This initiative will attempt to conduct sonic experiments and experiments to start a conversation with leading practitioners in marketing, sound branding, behavioral science, and musicologists.

“BrandMusiq Labs is our way of giving back to the industry. There are still a lot of questions on the minds of marketers regarding the sonic brand – how it can be used and how effective it is for brand ROI. To decode these questions, BrandMusiq Labs is launched. The goal is to conduct basic research on how music can contribute to overall brand performance without any commercial objective,” says Raja.