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Apple has laid off around 100 contract workers

According to media sources, tech giant Apple laid off around 100 contract recruiters last week in a bid to cut spending and hiring. According to Bloomberg, quoted by CNBC, recruiters, who are responsible for bringing new employees to the company, were told that the layoffs reflected changes in Apple’s business requirements.

According to the source, Apple is not the only company to stop recruiting, although the decision is unusual for the California-based IT giant. As they battle inflation and tighten their belts in anticipation of a likely economic downturn, other big giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Tesla and Oracle have also suspended hiring or cut some departments recently. “We are seeing inflation in our cost structure,” CEO Tim Cook said last month.

“We see it in things like logistics and wages and some silicon components. And we’re still hiring, but we’re doing it deliberately,” Cook added.

According to the article, not all of the company’s contractors have been terminated, and Apple still employs full-time recruiters. Benefits and salary will continue for another two weeks for laid-off contractors.